DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Went to Borders and bought Inu Yasha #1 and Silent Mobius #1, and on a whim a book called "Religion Without God."

I checked for the Sandman volume Shawkial wanted again, but they didn't have it. I also got on a whim a collection of Sandman short stories. Partly because i thought Shawkial might enjoy it, also partially because i was at about $45-$50, and if you go over $50 currently they give you $5 off, so it only cost me about $3, at least if you assign the entire rebate to the "last" item purchased.

I got a white chocolate mocha and a piece of boysenberry cheesecake at the cafe and ate and drank and read for the next 45 minutes until they closed.

My Borders Cafe card is rapidly getting full. The ink they use to stamp them isn't very dark, and the cardboard card doesn't seem to hold the ink very well, so the stamps smear a _lot_ from being inside my wallet. I think that twice they've given me an extra stamp because they weren't quite sure which were marked and which weren't, and i can't really tell either. I have a vague memory that i didn't have quite that meany, but if i can't tell from looking and they can't tell from looking i'm glad their judging in error of my favor, especially since it's Borders fault for giving them such crappy stamps.

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