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One of my bosses came around today asking if people were interested in subs since some people were going. He said that it was going to be either Togo's or Quizno's. I said that i prefered Togo's, and he said that that was what it would probably be.

However then apparently a higher up boss decided that they were going to buy lunch for the whole company. However he decided that they were going to go to Taco Bell. I don't really like taco bell. However it was free good, and i didn't have to go get it. I don't really know what del taco has since i don't go there often, so i just ordered three soft tacos and a cheese quesadilla.

A little while later the food arrived. The quesadilla was a _big_ disapointment. They had this icky tasting sauce mixed in with the cheese. Well, not icky exactly, the quesadilla still tasted okay, just not as good as it would have been without the sauce.

The soft tacos were pretty good. Taco Bell soft tacos, in fact their food in general, are greasy and slimy and oozy. It tastes pretty good in that i'm-eating-lots-of-fat kind of way. I far prefer Del Taco, where even though the food is probably still bad for you, at least it doesn't taste blatantly bad for you.

And as long as we've touched on the topic of Quizno's, let me just state how _much_ i hate their friggin ad campaign.

"Oven Toasted Tastes Better" and something about it not being fair to compare a quizno's toasted sub against another brands not toasted subs, and then they have a grizzly bear fight some kind of miniature dog type to show exactly how unfair they think the comparison is.

I don't know why the friggin things bug me so much, but it does. They're trying to tell me that liking the kinds of sandwiches i like is wrong. Quizno's is ok, but i generally prefer cold sub sandwiches. Despite the fact that it's the most fast-foody of them all, i like the fact that at Subway i can watch them make the sandwich and tell them exactly what i want on it. Togo's and Quizno's you can't really see what they're doing back there, and they have a preplaned set of stuff they're going to put on the sandwich and you have to specify what you want added or removed from the concoction. At least at Togo's they don't toast the bread.

So Quizno's out of the three is my least favorite, yet they're trying to tell me that i'm wrong, and the other sub places suck cause they don't toast their bread. That's not even a straight comparison. I would be far more willing to listen to an argument that they have larger subs, or that they use fresher ingredients, or something like that. I would even be more willing to listen to an argument that toasting the bread is kind of cool if not for the fact that they're trying to make it sound like the other resturants are in some way inferior for not doing it. It's like arguing that one burger place is better because they put mayonaise and the other places suck for using ketchup and mustard instead.

Wow, that's a long rant for something as simple as a resturant ad, guess i'm just feeling angry at the universe or something =)

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