DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Random stuff

There was a _lot_ of fog when i went home wednesday night, at least a lot for southern california. When i first left work visibility was about 50 or 100 feet at times. (I'm really bad measuring distances) However it all disapeared about the point i crossed over from the 55 to the 5.

I've got a GameCube development station at my desk! I got it wednesday evening, and set it up thursday morning. So far i've gotten a couple of demos to run on it, but i'm having trouble with setting the debugger up.

I went to Border's last night on the way home cause Shawkial wanted me to get her one of the Sandman volumes, however they didn't have the one she wanted there.

I got a copy Steam Detectives #1 for myself, which was kind of blah. I got a steamer and a piece of baklava and read the manga in the cafe. Unfortunatly all the tables were taken, so i had to sit on the floor most of the time.

I didn't talk to anyone as usual =P

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