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Anime Expo

We went to Anime Expo last weekend, and had a great time!

Unfortunately i don't have a _ton_ of pictures, because despite (or perhaps because of ;) a ton of help i wasn't able to find a new camera in time beforehand. (Hopefully i can post some more details about that process later.)

So i've got some pictures with the crappy camera on my phone, and some more pictures with the less crappy camera on Avalyn's phone, which i need to get copies of. Along with some individual pictures we also went to cosplay gatherings for Steven Universe (because we know someone who cosplays that, though sadly she didn't make it to the gathering) and the Final Fantasy gathering (although i ended up in a kind of crappy spot for taking pictures.) Hopefully at some point i'll do the copying from Avalyn's phone and organize it all and share some of the better ones.

The AMV Contest was decent, and i promise i'll have a full post about that fairly soon! There were several good videos, but i'd already seen two of the best of them as part of the VCAs. And sadly because of that i didn't encounter any entirely new songs that i got addicted to.

The Masquerade was also decent. There were a number of decent skits, a number of so-so things, one major production failure, and zero marriage proposals. The intermission consisted of a singer that i didn't recognize who did the themes for... i think Air and Clanad and some other stuff? And the second half of the intermissions was a performance by the Dance Corp, which was pretty good but once again did not quite rise to the spectacle of their first performance two years ago. It's possible i suppose that the issue is nostalgic rose coloured glasses, but it really seems like they've started focusing more on the story of their skits than on the dance choreography, and it seems like they might have fewer people than they did that first year.

We checked out the arcade area and found that the Dance Maniax 2nd Mix machine was back after a hiatus last year. Sadly i only had time for about four games over a period of two days and was busy pretty much the entire rest of the time. I really miss having an arcade with a Dance Maniax machine nearby. (Come to think of it, that is one thing that might convince me to try out VR, though i doubt there's anyone interested in porting Dance Maniax over =)

We bought a moderate amount of art in the Artist Alley. Specifically several prints from an artist that redesigned characters as kitties, one each for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Super Smash Bros, a small print of some cute Chocobos, a steampunk Totoro and steampunk Catbus, and a FF7 Chocobo Racing print that i saw on Day 1 and then had to go through the entire Artist Alley twice to find again =P

We attempted to buy some new t-shirts but not until day 4, at which point they were running out of sizes. At each booth we could find a pair of shirts we wanted to get, but in each case they either didn't have my size, didn't have Avalyn's size, or both =P We've got business cards and website URLs and such, so we could try ordering them online, but it's not quite the same.

We did see a little bit of new anime, Sunday morning we went to see the first three episodes of "Food Wars". We were running a little late, but the room was running even later so we actually caught the last 5 or 10 minutes of "The Boy and the Beast" as well, but since the last 5-10 minutes of a movie doesn't do you a lot of good i just intently studied my 3DS until it was over. (Oh yes, i got well over 100 hits on my 3DS of course.) Food Wars turned out to be pretty much what we were expecting. There was a lot of food and a lot of cooking and a LOOOOOOOT of fan service. Like, ridiculous levels of fan service given the subject. However the AMV i shared from the VCAs a couple months ago had already led us to expect that. And somehow the fact that it was in such a silly situation and was not taken at all seriously made it seem less problematic than the same type of stuff would have seemed in other circumstances. (*cough* *cough* Kill la Kill.)

So aside from all that we spent a lot of time in the AMV room. We saw a lot of videos in a lot of different panels. There were a number that i intend to look up again but nothing that really blew my mind this year. The 25 Years of AMVs intro video was pretty awesome, and some of the videos in that panel were pretty great, but it was rather late at night and i started drifting off around the middle of it.

25 Years of Anime and Music | Anime Expo 2016:

Audience reaction:

The 2006 AMV Contest Replay had some good stuff, including one of my favorite AMVs ever (Between the Truth and the Lies), Rider4z's first convention showing (Fight For Life), and Wedding Rings. Gotta say though, looking ahead, the AX 2007 AMV Reshow is going to be EPIC! The Comedy panel was good as usual, the "Best of the Non-Finalists" was very hit or miss, also as usual. We weren't able to make it to the Rhythem panel (among many others) which makes me kind of sad. Along with comedy and "Best of the Non-Finalists" that would have been my best chance to find something new and amazing.

The best panel of the entire convention was probably the final AMV one, the "Sing, Clap, and Stomp Along" panel. Avalyn suggested they ought to do it at the beginning of the con to get everyone psyched up. Or maybe do it at the beginning _and_ the end. Or maybe the beginning and the end and in the middle. Or... :)

We did stop by the Dance at one point, but were only able to stay for about 20-30 minutes, because we needed to go get in line for an AMV room panel. (The 25 Years one i believe.)

So between a light sunburn on my arms (i did remember to wear a hat while outside,) walking all over the place, a little bit of dancing, four games of Dance Maniax, and a lot of enthusiastic singing and clapping, i was sore pretty much everywhere at the end of things, which is not at all a bad way to end a con :)

All in all though it seems like this is really just a post to say that i'm hoping to post some more stuff later =P
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