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First Stardew Valley World Problems

My brain seems to run into the same difficulties with Stardew Valley that i do with boardgames.

I will come up with elaborate long range plans. And sometimes those plans will come off perfectly and everything will be great! Especially early on in the game when my resources were limited and therefore the range of possibilities were limited.

But other times, especially now that i have plenty of resources to work with, i will have a plan to do tasks W, X, Y, and Z during a day. And then i'll discover that there are some prerequisites for W that i forgot about and i need to do tasks Q and R first. And then i'll realize that you can't do both X and Y at the same time. And then i'll realize that in doing X i've used up some of the resources i needed for Z. And then just to make things complicated a mini-quest will pop up that adds in task G. And finally at the end of the day i'll realize that i entirely forgot about task D which i really ought to have been doing instead.

So aside from that i just made it through the first year of the game and things are going pretty well.

State of the Farm:

My farm management has definitely gotten better. My late summer/early fall i'd gotten my crop system worked out.

During winter i got down to level 100 of the mine, got my pickaxe and watering can upgraded to gold, acquired 1 large sprinkler and 3 medium sprinklers, and planted my first couple fruit trees. Oh, and unlocked the quarry and secret forest. (My axe is still at steel, and upgrading it further seems to be pretty low priority.)

I also managed to get up seven each of preserving jars and kegs before the nerf came in on patch 1.6 (They new require somewhat difficult to get tree extracts.) and managed to make jelly or wine out of _almost_ my entire cranberry crop.

With the watering can improvement plus the sprinklers i believe i've now got 114 squares under cultivation. Which meant that the first couple days of spring were _very_ frantic trying to get that all hoed and planted. (I have not upgraded my hoe at all, since you really only need it once a season. Of course that one time you _do_ need it...)

I was lucky enough to find an Ancient seed during the winter as well, so one of my sprinkler patch is the "special" patch that has my one Ancient fruit plant and my one strawberry plant.

So in retrospect, stuff i wish i'd done differently/plan to do better on this year.

Really should have bought more strawberries at the spring festival last year. I kind of wish i'd planted more Blueberries during the summer and _really_ wish i'd planted more Hops. (Beer does not sell for as much as wine, but you can produce it _much_ faster.)

I also really wish i'd known that i should have been building lightning rods during the summer! I'm not sure if i actually knew the recipe before the end of summer, but if not that i should have pushed that skill more until i did. I actually have a small supply of Iridium now but i can't build any more Iridium (Large) sprinklers because i don't have any batteries. The one Iridium sprinkler i do have i bought directly from the traveling merchant. And speaking of which, i wish i'd started checking the traveling merchant on every single Friday and Sunday a lot earlier in the game. (Though to be fair, for a significant chunk of the time before i did start doing that i wouldn't have had the money to buy what i really wanted anyways.)

I definitely need to build more kegs and preserving jars. During the winter, before patch 1.6, i was running out of coal. (I could have made more with the charcoal thing, but 20 wood per coal means an 160 wood per vat, which seems ...excessive.) Now that i've got a moderate surplus of coal however patch 1.6 has been released, which means i need to set up more tree taps for resin. And i need to figure out where i can put those kegs and jars without it looking incredibly ugly.

I am definitely glad that i _didn't_ bother with animals the first year, but i probably ought to look into it now. I did just order construction of the stables so i'll have a horse to ride around on. Hopefully that will allow me to get more stuff done during the day since i'll theoretically spend less time walking.
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