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Favorite AMVs From 2016 VCAs

I've finished watching all 196 AMVs in the VCAs. Or rather, all that are available, there were one or two that weren't downloadable.

So this year i'm going to mix things up a bit by just listing a bunch of my favorites without waiting to see which make it to the finals.

Starting with one of my favorite kinds of AMVs from this year by one of my favorite editors,

AMV List (25 items):

Editor: Rider4Z
AMV:Yato's God Complex
Anime: Noragami
Music: Fall Out Boy - Immortals
Reason: New anime, single source, cool song

I always like getting introduced to an interesting looking new anime by well done single source AMV set to a good song. This AMV is all those things. I like Fall Out Boy in general, and this song in particular since it was one of the ones used with Big Hero 6.

Editor: Rider4Z
AMV:Last Call
Anime: Various
Music: Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground
Reason: Fun concept, good song

I think i lose some kind of card for confessing to liking a Nickelback song? I've never really understood the reason for the extent of the Nickelback hate, i wonder perhaps if at his point it's really just a running gag. But in any case i think they're just pretty meh in general with the occasional good song.

I might not even have included this song amongst the good ones if i'd heard it in another context, but the idea of a bunch of anime characters from different series getting into a barroom brawl is just amusing. Also the general theme kinda reminds me of the Irish Rovers' "Wasn't That a Party" ( which i originally found out about from... kallah i think?

Editor: Amaterasu (Seth )
AMV: Révolutionnaire
Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Music: Against Me! - I Was a Teenage Anarchist
Reason: Single source anime i like, cool new song

So in a mirror image of the first one, this is an AMV that takes an anime i'm very familiar with (*cough* by which i mean i've watched the first season 3-4 times, seen the movie 2-3 times, and gotten halfway through the Black Rose Saga twice) and combines it brilliantly with a song i'd never heard before.

Editor: UnluckyArtist
AMV: Yin-Yang Destiny
Anime: Katanagatari
Music: The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho!
Reason: New anime, new song

But what is best in life? Simultaneously discovering an interesting new anime _and_ a new song! Unfortunately a quick check on YouTube seems to indicate this band is going to be a one hit wonder for me, which prevents this from being a perfect trifecta like The Guardian Gene was for me (

Editor: allegoriest (Zazzle )
AMV: Notice Me!
Anime: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Music: Alexa Ray Joel - Notice Me
Reason: New anime, new song, really cute

Nozaki-kun seems to have hit the AMV scene with a bang so i'm not sure if this is the first video i saw using it, but it was definitely one of the first. The song is awesome and the whole thing is just cute and silly.

Editor: VivifxAMV
AMV: Awwkward
Anime: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Music: The Gregory Brothers - Herp de Derp
Reason: Newish anime, new song, cute.

One of the newer Nozaki-kun AMVs (for me at least anyways.) It's definitely sillier than "Notice Me", though not quite as cute. Definitely interested in checking this series out at some point, just hope it doesn't end up being massively overused in future AMVs.

Editor: Copycat_Revolver
AMV: Playing the Odds
Anime: Various
Music: Barenaked Ladies - Odds Are

So two things.

1: I had no idea that Barenaked Ladies was still making music. I mean, i didn't have any particular reason to think they weren't either, i just hadn't thought about it. But in any case i was kind of surprised to suddenly hear a new song from them.

2: This video is potentially spoilery. I haven't seem all the anime in it, but i can tell that for some of them when they get to the chorus of "we're probably gonna be alright tonight", they're _definitely_ using at least some of those characters ironically. According to someone else at least some of the people in the video are red herrings, but i don't know how sure they are of that.

Despite that, or actually because of it, it's a very amusing video.

Editor: BecauseImBored1
AMV: Creep Your Hands Off
Anime: The Wallflower
Music: Helena Paparizou - Gigolo
Reason: New anime, new song

Fun dancy new song and a potentially interesting anime, what's not to like?

Editor: BecauseImBored1
AMV: Sleazy Swingers
Anime: Baccano
Music: Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing
Reason: It's a good Baccano video.

Like most good Baccano videos it's using swing type music.

Editor: BecauseImBored1
AMV: Common Commerce
Anime: The Devil is a Part-Timer
Music: LunchMoney Lewis - Bills Bills Bills
Reason: New song, great pairing

This is another case of someone finding the perfect song for an anime.

Editor: CeliaPhantomhive
AMV: The Fangirl Chronicle
Anime: WATAMOTE, Free!
Music: JViewz - Far Too Close (Pegboard Nerd Remix)
Reason: Amusing story

A cute editing job of splicing together an anime about an obsessed fangirl with an anime that a lot of fangirls obsess over.

Editor: CeliaPhantomhive
AMV: Volleybot
Anime: Haikyu!, Space Dandy
Music: Fitz and the Tantrums - The Walker
Reason: New music, new anime, great story

Splicing together anime seems to be a speciality of this editor. They took what sounds like a perfectly mundane anime about a volleyball team and with a little editing and some pieces from another anime turned it into an awesome SF story about a robot that becomes obsessed with volleyball.

Editor: Cenit
AMV: Boom Clap Panic
Anime: Full Metal Panic
Music: Cimorelli - Boom Clap
Reason: Good use of addictive song

This is a cover of a very addictive song that Avalyn kept getting stuck in her head for awhile, and this is a pretty amusing use of it.

Editor: CrackTheSky
AMV: Victims of the Night
Anime: Kimagure Orange Road
Music: Walk the Moon - Shut Up And Dance
YouTube: Victim of the DMCA =/
Reason: New song

This is a very sweet and fun song. Plus i like take-charge women :)

Editor: drewaconclusion
AMV: Lucky Duck
Anime: Princess Tutu
Music: The Chickeneers - Ho Hey
Reason: Great pairing

This is a cover of that "Ho Hey" song i keep hearing on the radio, redone in the style of... well you'll see, but it's perfect to go with Princess Tutu.

Editor: drewaconclusion
AMV: Rainbow Stalin Saves The World
Anime: Full Metal Alchemist (mostly)
Music: Various
Reason: All the crazy

It's a video about Rainbow Stalin saving the world, what more do you want? Oh, gratuitous use of bits of Final Fantasy music? It's got that too!

Editor: Miracle_Falcon
AMV: (C)Loathing
Anime: Kill La Kill
Music: Wicked - What Is This Feeling?
Reason: New song, good pairing

I've never actually seen Wicked, so this song was new and awesome to me. It's set to Kill La Kill, which i've never seen more than an episodes or two of because of the blatant fanservice, but it has been used to good effect in some great AMVs.

Editor: neko kitkat
AMV: Call to Arms
Anime: Kingdom Hearts, all of them
Music: 30 Seconds to Mars - Vox Populi
Reason: It's a good Kingdom Heart AMV

There was a period, shortly after KH2 came out i think? where everyone and their sibling wanted to do a Kingdom Hearts video, but there really wasn't that much video to work with. So you kept seeing the same scenes being used over and over and over and it got pretty old pretty quick. It's been awhile since that point and there have been a lot more games and other video sources released since then. So between good use of the new scenes and the lapse since the earlier inundation it was nice to see this.

Editor: xZAKUROx
AMV: Athem of anime
Anime: Various
Music: Ida Lafontaine - Anthem
Reason: Song

It's an addictive song about addictive songs, talking about how music can take you back to when you first heard it. Which for me as often as not is some AMV :) So it gets meta points from me.

(And i'm just going to point out that the AMV seems to be named "Athem of anime" on and "Anthem of anime" on YouTube, not sure what's up with that.)

Editor: PieandBeer
AMV: Something Fishy!
Anime: Tsuritama
Music: Royal Teeth - Wild
Reason: New anime, new song, storytelling

Never seen the anime or heard the song before, and they're both kinda interesting though not really my usual thing.

Editor: kireblue
AMV: Girl Next Door
Anime: Secret World of Arrietty
Music: Lenka - You Will Be Mine
Reason: Storytelling.

I've never heard the song before, but it's not the kind of song i get addicted to. It's good storytelling though.

Editor: Cenit
AMV: Cold And Bloody
Anime: Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone
Music: Kid Ink, YG, Wale, Tyga & Rich Homie Quan - Ride Out
Reason: Storytelling.

First thing, this AMV _may_ be incredibly spoilery. But given the title of the movie and the brief synopsis i'm not sure about that. The other thing is that it seems like it may be following the plot of the movie _very_ closely. It always counts kinda negatively if it feels like an AMV is just hitting all the story beats of an entire plot arc without adding any kind of interpretation of its own.

But aside from all that it _is_ very good storytelling.

Editor: alexmichur00
AMV: The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves
Anime: Various
Music: Hairspray - You Can't Stop the Beat
Reason: Upbeat, epic cast

This was is one of the very popular videos this year (7 nominations) that i happen to totally agree with. It takes a lot of talent to do an epically frenetic song using a ton of sources without it turning into a mess, and this is definitely not a mess.

Editor: AmvLuna
AMV: Anime's Got Talent
Anime: Various
Music: Yuksek - Here Comes The Hotstepper (Evian Remix)

One of the other very popular (10 noms) multicast AMVs. I don't like it quite as much as The Beat Will Continue, perhaps because it's a concept/gimmick AMV. Those can definitely be fun, but they're usually not my favorites. (Well okay, it's in a list of my favorites, but it's not a _favorite_ favorite =)

Editor: BakaOppai
AMV: A Salty Stick
Anime: Various
Music: Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda
Reason: Editing, kinda music

This seems like a direct follow-up to last year's A Piece of Toast ( It's by the same editor and using music from the same artist. However i liked both the editing and music for Piece of Toast more. But this one is still definitely worth watching.

And finally, the food porn!

For some reason there were _three_ food porn videos this year. Actually i suspect the reason is that the anime featured in two of them is probably newish.

But in any case they all ended up in the "Fun" category (although some of them had noms in other categories as well) and because of a coincidence in the editors names they showed up in and order where each one was more food porny than the one before it.

And, uh, i'm using the term "food porn" very literally in this case. The first video is just fine, but after that, i would probably not watch them at work if i were you.

Food Porn

Food Porn #1
Editor: BecauseImBored1
AMV: One Hell of a Host
Anime: Black Butler
Music: Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack - Be Our Guest

Instead of giving descriptions, i'm going to relate bits of a conversation with jmpava

Me: i recommend watching them in that order, hence the numbering :)
jmpava: well, i guess i better do that then
jmpava: hahah yes, food porn

Food Porn #2
Editor: Kisanzi
AMV: Scrumtrulescent Smorgasbord
Anime: Gourmet Girl Graffiti
Music: Duelle & CiRRO - Your Addiction (Culture Code Remix)

jmpava: um wow
me: ...well, you still ain't seen nothing yet :)
jmpava: .... i'm not sure I believe you
jmpava: i'm not sure how that's POSSIBLE
me: i would not have believed it the first time either :)
jmpava: i'm still watching the 2nd, i don't believe you
jmpava: that's not POSSIBLE

Food Porn #3
Editor: MycathatesyouAMV
AMV: Fun Fun Yum Yum
Anime: Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Shokugeki no Souma
Music: Max, Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider - Bang Bang

jmpava: ....
me: so, got any recent statements that you'd like to rescind? ;)
jmpava: i'm sticking with ...
jmpava: i mean, man, wth

And that's it for my favorites! Well, probably. Given there were 195ish videos to sort through it's entirely possible i managed to miss one or more, even with my giant spreadsheet of doom, so there might or might not be an addendum later.
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