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For those of you who like AMVs, the Viewer's Choice Awards are currently going on.

They're currently in the semifinal stage, which runs through March 12th. After that the Finals will run from March 13th to March 23rd.

There are 28 categories, 4 for editors and 24 for videos, and for the semifinals there can be up to 20 nominees per category. That means a maximum potential of 480 videos, which is quite a lot. Thankfully(?) there are a lot of videos that are nominated multiple times in different categories, so this year there are "only" 196 total videos. Which is actually still a lot.

In the Finals stage it will be narrowed down to approximately 5 videos per category. Which means a maximum of about 120 distinct videos. Last year there were about 70 videos that made it to the Finals, and it will probably be similar this year.

So if you're lazy wait till the Finals to take a look, and if you're _really_ lazy just wait a couple weeks and i'll tell you what to like ;)

But i think it's definitely worth taking a look at a favorite category or two during the semifinals to see what all is there. In past years a number of my favorite videos didn't make it out of the semifinals round.

(And for those who don't have an account it's free to create one, with which you should be able to view the nominees but won't actually be able to vote this year.)

Oh, and if anyone just wants to look at a giant list of all the nominees, i put a spreadsheet together :)
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