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Why my showers take so long

The somewhat abridged and paraphrased thoughts that went through my mind this morning while showering

*starts humming random song from the day before*

...I don't really want to be humming that. Let's hum something from Rush instead.

*makes a couple false starts, before finally settling on Limelight*

It's kind of funny how popular Rush still is, given that they don't really get any airtime anymore.

I guess it helps that a number of relatively famous people seem to like them.

What was the name of the movie about the two guys who were obsessed with Rush? Do i actually have a copy of that movie? If not i should defintiely get one.

If you ask the actor who plays Tyrion in Game of Thrones what his favorite band is, does he say "I'm fraternally required to say 'Rush'"?

Presumably he gets along with his real life family better than Tyiron does with his?

When Tyrion shot **** did he say "A Lannister always pays his debts"? If not, he should have.

It would be nice to go back and actually watch the rest of that show now.

...except for the part about it getting kind of rape-y later on =/

Are they actually going to fix that in the new season? Do they even understand why it was a bad idea? Or do they just think "everyone is okay with a bunch of people getting killed, so why does _that_ bother them?"

Hmm, easiest (not necessarily best) counterargument to that is "Almost no one who has died is currently watching the show, while the demographic of audience members who have been sexually assaulted in the past is (very unfortunately) much larger."

Do people who've been clinically dead and resuscitated actually consider themselves to have died, outside of joking around?

Anyways the fact that we all die sooner or later is pretty much the one universal human condition. Everyone has to get used to the idea, though a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking unconsciously that it will never happen to them.

And the vast majority of them _certainly_ don't expect it to happen like it does to the Game of Thrones characters. If they actually did get killed out of the blue in the same manner as a Game of Thrones character their last thoughts would probably be "WTF?" Like that guy in Serenity, "I got killed by a sword Mal!" (or something like that?) with a perplexed tone to his voice.

He didn't actually say it directly though, right? It was a recording via his sex bot? Along with some kind of warning? Or info? Something about what they needed to do to broadcast the signal about the zombie planet?

It was a little weird how the federal agent just let them live after that, just as soon as they got the signal out. You'd think the government would still do their best to keep a lid on things even after the horses were out of the barn. But i guess the agent guy said something to the effect of how his bosses would want him to do that, but he didn't see the point anymore?

Presumably the government did try to cover the issue up, claiming that the video was a fake and all that. I wonder if a lot of people believed the government claims and the people who believe it are all considered conspiracy theorists? Though it ought to be relatively easy for people to go check out the planet and see for themselves.

All the other issues aside, it was nice that Serenity provided some kind of explanation for the Reavers. Before that their existence always seemed like the most unreasonable part of the universe. The "conventional" explanations for how they came to be didn't make a great deal of sense. One wonders how they can be so violent and not turn on each other though. And how they can be so crazy and yet still operate spaceships in an effective manner.

Hmm, the "small group of people trying to get the signal out about some secretive thing" is suddenly reminding me of Leviathan Wakes. I wonder if there was any inspiration there? And...


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