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JoCo Cruise - 2017 Edition

Also for people who aren't on twitter, tickets for the 2017 JoCo Cruise went on sale a couple weeks ago.

Since the ship is sailing out of San Diego next year instead of Florida (as it has been doing since the whole thing started i believe) Avalyn and i finally decided to get in on the action :)

For those unaware (and who don't want to go look at the FAQ on the page) the JoCo cruise is basically a week long SF convention on a boat. It was original started by Jonathan Coulton (hence the name) and thus has more of a bias towards music and other performances than the average con. However there's still going to be authors and boardgaming and the other usual conventiony stuff. Or at least that's the impression i've had as someone who has watched from afar but never attended before this.

The cruise usually happens in February (in fact i think this year's cruise is leaving Real Soon Now?) but in addition to switching ports, and more importantly coasts, the 2017 one is scheduled for the first full week of March. And in addition the event has grown enough that this time they were able to buy out the entire ship. Meaning that everyone on board will either be part of the crew or a fellow geek.

Needless to say, when you add the cost of a convention on top of a one week cruise it doesn't come out cheap. At this point if you wanted to go by yourself it would be about $3000 at the cheapest. If you have someone to share a room with you can still get in for as little as about $1800 each. If you go 3 or 4 people to a room you can get it down to about $1500 each. (And i think there are some people/groups who have bought more space than they need and are looking for people to bunk with, possibly for cheaper than the above prices.)

chalgaryn and steuard were definitely pretty instrumental in convincing us to go. And we in turn were able to convince coraa and jmpava to sign up. However while everyone else decided to go for the cheaper accommodations, Avalyn and i decided to splurge on a room with a balcony, which came out to about $2500 each. Of course when you consider the fact that we don't have to pay for plane tickets to get to the port the price differential isn't _quite_ as extreme.

So anyways, if anyone else i know is interested, you've got the link now.
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