DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

More videos! (Because finding non-video stuff takes work!)

There's a new "Princess" Rap Battle out! This time Hermione vs Katniss.

But watch out if you haven't read all the books/seen all the movies yet, there are some pretty serious spoilers in there!

(Though this Hermione doesn't look that much like film Hermione to me.)

And the Doubleclicks have put out a new song about the standard kilogram. (And kirinn gets props for actually taking the time to color one of the images and send it in!)

And on a less musical note, they finally did an Honest Trailer for Star Wars.

Kinda surprised they hadn't done that already, but this is certainly a good time for it.

But just remember, Leia shot first! ;)
Tags: fun stuff

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