DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

New G+ UI

Okay, you're not going to hear me say things like this often, but i actually like the new G+ update!

To be clear, it's still Flat/Material Design, and i don't like Flat design or Material design. However G+ has always been Flat, so it's not like they made it worse in that regard.

What i _do_ like is that information is available and everything stays put! The main menu instead of being a thing that appears when you mouse over it and disappears when you move the mouse again is now just always on the left hand side! And the top bar doesn't change at all when you scroll up and down! So nothing in the UI is moving unless i tell it to move! I love that!

I'm not too happy with the new floaty button in the lower right for making new posts. I really don't like floaty buttons. But since i have G+ reduced to a single column i can just pretend that there's an invisible right sidebar that the new post button is attached to.

One downside is that i can't figure out how to switch between which circle i'm viewing at the moment. Because of the continuing problem with G+ showing you a rather random selection of posts in a somewhat random order i often have to switch to a more restricted circle if i want to be sure i see everything from the people i actually care about, so i need to figure out how to do that again.

...and while trying to figure that out i just realized that if you actually select one of the options from the main menu on the left the whole UI slides around and morphs to the format for whatever option you selected *shudder*

Well, as long as i don't have to do that often it's not _too_ bad?

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