DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Lame Claim to Fame - Weird Al Concert

Hey guess what! I'm still alive!

Work has been really busy the last couple months, but it's starting to let up a little, so i thought i'd celebrate Friday the 13th (yay!) by actually writing something!

Weird Al had a concert at the Greek a little over a month ago. We actually discovered this while there earlier for a concert by Lindsey Stirling and decided we wanted to go right away, but delayed for awhile on getting tickets.

Then we asked thumbie and shamiksan if they were interested in going too, and waited to get an answer back from them.

Between one delay and another by the time we got around to buying the tickets, about a week ahead of time i think, all the really good seats in the front section were sold out. But so were all the front seats in the cheap section.

If we wanted (relatively) cheap seats we either had to be all the way in the back, or up on one of the balconies. However there were still seats in the middle section, which unfortunately were priced the same as most of the seats in the front section.

It seemed kind of annoying to have to pay front section pricing for middle section seats.I'm guessing a lot of other people felt the same way though, either that or someone else canceled out. Because when we actually tried selecting that section it offered seats on the (house) left center aisle just three rows back.

After some consideration we decided it was _almost_ like being at the rear of the front section, and aisle seats are nice, so we decided to go for it.

So the day of the concert we carpooled up with thumbie and shamiksan. We got there early and got some food and drinks and chatter with each other and with some other random fans who were also there early getting food and drinks.

Since Avalyn likes to have the aisle seat i'd pulled "person who bought the tickets" prerogative and given that seat to her. And when it was actually time to go out to our seats we discovered they were even better than we thought. It turned out that for some reason the first two rows in the section don't extend all the way to the aisle. Instead there's a short stairway coming down from the start of the third row. Which meant that there wasn't actually anyone sitting in front of Avalyn and i. Which along with the walkway between the sections meant that we had a _very_ clear view.

So we were already quite happy with the seats and were having a great time. What we didn't realize until it got to that part of the concert is that during "Wanna B Ur Lover", the song consisting entirely of cheesy pick-up lines, Weird Al actually walks out into the audience and serenades random women with different verses. And he happened to pick the stage right aisle to walk up, i.e. the one we were on.

As he was coming up the aisle i was wondering how long the song was and if he was going to continue up into the second section or turn around at that point. But the song was long enough, and he came up into the second section, and stopped at our row and sang a verse or so to Avalyn :)

So once i was sitting next to someone who was being sung to by Weird Al (along with about 20 other women.) Lame claim to fame right there!

Unfortunately i don't have any pictures. It didn't _seem_ like he was dissuaded by all the people taking pictures of him, but i didn't want to risk scaring him off by being primed and ready to shove my phone in his face. I did get a couple pictures while he was at the top of the first section, and a couple more after he passed our row.

I did find a YouTube video from someone else who was there and filming, but unfortunately(?) they were in the front section, and just about the point Weird Al crossed up to the middle section their view was blocked.

But in any case i'm very glad for the serendipity that ended up having us get those seats :)
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