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Anime Expo AMV Contest 2015

Sorry i'm a little late with the update. Work has been hell for the last week, and i came down with a bad case of con crud on top of it. But here you go, finally!

Anime Expo 2015 AMV Contest
AMV.orgYouTubeNumberTitleCreatorAudio SourceVideo Source
LinkLinkINTROAX 2015 AMV Competition Intro -Monty Oum Dedication-By Rider4Z [Otaku Lounge Productions]We Own It (Fast & Furious) by 2 Chainz, Wiz KhalifaMonty Oum's Dead Fantasy & RWBY, and Red vs Blue
LinkLinkA1Red PillBy Straw Buggy”Rocksteady” by The Bloody BeetrootsGhost in the Shell: Arise, Mardock Scramble
LinkLinkA2*TransmutayshunBy Ileia [CornDog VidVids]”Come With Me Now” by KongosFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
LinkLinkA3AlterBy Zazzle [Allegoriest AMVs]”Unstoppable“ by E.S. PosthumusFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 1 & 2
LinkLinkA4Last CallBy Rider4Z [Otaku Lounge Productions]”Burn It to the Ground” by NickelbackVarious [6]
LinkLinkA5THROWBACKBy BecauseImBored1“Diamond Eyes” by ShinedownYu Yu Hakusho
LinkLinkA6NomuraBy Pic4”Compelled“ by Jack TrammellKnights of Sidonia
LinkLinkD1User DistortionBy Rider4Z [Otaku Lounge Productions]”Hurricane” by 30 Seconds to MarsFuture Diary
LinkLinkD2DerelictBy irriadin [PixelBlended Studios]”A Dream Within A Dream vs Trifonic Broken (Redrosid Mashup)” by The Glitch MobFrom the New World
LinkLinkD3UnboundBy Ryuu-Dono [Nero Team]”All is Violent, All is Bright“ by God is an AstronautVarious [5]
LinkLinkD4LevityBy PieandBeer [Tsunderbird Studios]”All I Want” by KodalineThe Wind Rises
LinkLinkD5*Echo of LifeBy Ookami [Eclipse Studio]”Echo” by Jason WalkerYour Lie in April
404LinkD6Call To ArmsBy Nekokitkat”Vox Populi” by 30 Seconds to MarsKingdom Hearts series
LinkLinkF1Notice Me!By Zazzle [Allegoriest AMVs]”Notice Me” by Alexa Ray JoelMonthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
404LinkF2*My Neighbor Figaro-kunBy Nicolio1313”The Barber of Seville, Figaro's Aria” by Erich KunzelMy Neighbor Seki-kun
LinkLinkF3Yato's God ComplexBy Rider4Z [Otaku Lounge Productions]”Immortals” by Fall Out BoyNoragami
LinkLinkF4The Fangirl ChronicleBy Celia Phantomhive [r3act Team SesSions]”Far Too Close [Pegboard Nerd Remix]“ by J.ViewzWatamote, Free!
404LinkF5Take a LeapBy MomtoCutiePia”Geronimo“ by SheppardBarakamon
LinkLinkS1CollideBy Radical_Yue [CornDog VidVids]”Like Satellites” by Manufactured Superstars ft. Danni RougeWaiting In The Summer
LinkLinkS2Lucky SevenBy PieandBeer [Tsunderbird Studios]”Little Numbers” by BoyMonthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
LinkLinkS3*My Favorite DaysBy CrackTheSky”Running With The Boys” by LightsKids on the Slope
LinkLinkS4MaybeBy Vivifx”Call Me Maybe” by Paradise FearsInu x Boku SS
LinkLinkS5All That MattersBy BasharOfTheAges”Life, in a Nutshell” by Barenaked LadiesUsagi Drop
404LinkS6Kokoro MessageBy KushiiSmiles”Don't Go Breakin My Heart” by Glee CastMonthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
LinkLinkR1Captain DandEoBy "LC"_Lapen”We Are Here To Change The World” by Michael JacksonSpace Dandy
404LinkR2Ho-Kago TeastepBy MoonieAMV”Highscore” by Teminite and Panda EyesK-On! series
LinkLinkR3A Salty StickBy BakaOppai”Marble Soda” by Shawn WasabiVarious [35]
404404R4Power ChordBy Vivifx”Daft Punk Skrillex Mix” by ConteVarious [12]
LinkLinkR5*Coup de GraceBy andrewbee”Pray to God [feat. HAIM]” by Calvin HarrisVarious [58]
404LinkC1One Million Views (Guaranteed)By Compbros”Viral Song” by Toby TurnerVarious [15]
LinkLinkC2*FishsticksBy NepNep”Gay Fish” by South ParkFree! series
LinkLinkC3Rainbow Stalin Saves The WorldBy drewaconclusion”All This Love" by The Similou, + Various Sources [7]Various [3]
LinkLinkC4Contest Trolling 101By Mr. Pilkington”Pop101“ by Marianas TrenchVarious [66]
LinkLinkC5Cosplay Bargain BinBy Tarage”Thrift Shop” by MacklemoreVarious [39]
404LinkX1Peppermint SamuraiBy CompbrosMentos CommercialSket Dance )
404LinkX2Your Favorite Swimming ShowBy Camichan19”Friends“ TV IntroFree!, Free Eternal Summer )
LinkLinkX3*The Little Prince ReturnsBy hamstar138”The Little Prince” TrailerWhisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns )
LinkLinkX4Immortal ChimeraBy l33tmeatwad [PixelBlended Studios]“Immortal Dog” by The Midnight ShowFullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater
404LinkX5A True Ladies Man… In Space!By Compbros“Johnny Bravo” IntroSpace Dandy
404LinkX6Girl on FireBy Rider4Z [Otaku Lounge Productions]”The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” TrailerThe Legend of Korra
Plays after FUN/UPBEAT
404404X7IT’S HAPPENINGBy GakiFootlocker Commercial ft. Manny PacquiaoHajime No Ippo
LinkLinkX8FedExBy ReignGoddessFedEx CommercialSpeed Racer
LinkLinkX9Attack on BadassdomBy Maboroshi Studio“Knights of Badassdom” TrailerAttack on Titan
LinkLinkX10Definitely Not NaturalBy ReignGoddessEnzyte CommercialSpeed Racer
404LinkX11*Waifu InsuranceBy BakaOppaiGeico CommercialVarious [15]
LinkLinkX12March of the PenguindrumBy Camichan19“March of the Penguins” TrailerPenguindrum
Plays after RHYTHM/DANCE
404404X13OK GoogleBy kayn”OK Google“ CommercialVarious [13] )
404LinkX14The Swear JarBy Maboroshi StudioBudweiser “Swear Jar” CommercialServant X Service )
LinkLinkX15MayacheteBy Sailor Death Productions”Machete” TrailerNichijou, Azumanga Daioh, Team Fortress 2, Fallout 3

Those are all the links i was able to find as of a couple days ago. The rest either haven't been posted, or have only been posted on YouTube by "reposters" who i don't really feel like supporting. If i find more links (or anyone else tells me about them) i'll update the list.

The asterisks by the numbers indicate the winners in each category. The Judges' Choice was A6, and the Audience Choice, Creator's Choice and Best of Show were all F2.

And if you want to know what i thought...


I really liked Rider4Z's video (A4), so that's the one i voted for. A2 was well done and set to a good song, but the concept of Full Metal Alchemist action AMVs is getting a little thin. It's relatively easy for any AMV of equal quality that's _not_ FMA to impress me more at this point.

A5 and A3 were both decent, though i've got to say that it was rather surprising to see another E.S. Posthumous video after all this time.

I haven't seen any Ghost in the Shell except for the original movie, and IMHO A1 did a kind of meh job of standing on its own merits.

A6 was a very well done video. It got voted best in show by the Judges, and Avalyn voted for it for best in category. I was just kind of put off by all the horror aspects. Which is interesting, because even as i was deciding i didn't really like it, i could also see some strong parallels between it and the "Leviathan Wakes"/"The Expanse" book series which i really like. Which makes me wonder what i'm going to feel about the upcoming "The Expanse" TV series. Perhaps i'll be more okay with the body horror stuff when it's part of a story and not a music video.


I was kind of underwhelmed by the first three videos in the drama category, but that's generally my expectation going into the drama category, so i was quite happy when i discovered that the last three were much better (IMHO.)

My favorite was D4, PieandBeer's "Levity", set to the latest Studio Ghibli movie, and Avalyn actually agreed with me about this one (the only category in which our votes matched up.)

D6 was one of the best Kingdom Hearts AMVs i can remember seeing in quite awhile, possibly ever. Of course a large part of that is that it's been awhile since i watched many Kingdom Heart AMVs, so they've got a lot more material to work with now. Back when KH2 was the new hotness after you'd seen a couple videos they all started to look a little alike because they were all using the same scenes. Nekokitkat managed to avoid that and it was a pleasant surprise.

D5 was well done, but it was set to "Your Lie In April", which we saw used in a number of other videos in the AMV Room. Which is not a problem. What is a problem however is that the impression i get from most of the AMVs is that this is yet another romantic/friendship anime where the female dies a tragic death in order to prove the depth of the male's affections for her.

I wanted to like D1, because Rider4Z, but it just wasn't really my thing. Nor was D3. D2 was my least favorite of the category.


So after the half good/half meh Drama category, Fun/Upbeat blew me away.

F1 was my favorite in the category, and almost got my vote for Best in Show. It was the first time i ever heard the "Notice Me!" song, and it's not a good AMV contest unless i find a new silly song or new kick-ass song. It was also the first AMV in the contest to use "Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun". It's hard to tell a lot about it from what's shown in the AMVs other than the fact that it's a high school romantic comedy, however the way in which it gets used seems rather similar to the Toradora AMVs of a few years back, albeit with less violence. Avalyn and i are hoping that maybe it will fill the Toradora void in our viewing schedule.

F3 was my other favorite from the category. In fact by a small margin it beat out F2 for Best in Show. However it was not my favorite in category, because it didn't really seem like a Fun/Update AMV to me. I probably would have voted for it in either the Action or Dance categories, but it wasn't in either of those categories.

F5 was the other video i considered voting for. It seems to be one of those classic/overdone/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stories about a perfectionist artist (a painter in this case) who unexpectedly makes friends with a small child (and by extension, the child's friends) and although he fights it at first eventually through the magic of friendship learns to express himself in a creative and carefree manner. Well that's the story the AMV seemed to be telling anyway, but the source clips seemed to fit the story too well for it to be accidental.

F2 won Best in Category, Best in Show, and i think a couple of other things. It was a really well done AMV which told a compelling story using an interesting looking anime that i've never seen before and am now kind of interested in, which is another thing i look for in a good AMV contest. So what was the problem? As far as i can tell, and as has been mostly confirmed by other people who've seen the anime, the AMV seems to tell the exact same story as two episodes of the anime itself. (Or possibly two half-episodes, i'm not clear on the structure yet.) I'm okay with AMVs that recap the story of an entire series (see F5 above,) but recapping individual episodes just seems a little too easy, even when it's well done.

F4 was yet another Free! AMV. However instead of focusing on the (real or imagined) homosexual tensions between the characters like so many other Free! AMVs i've seen, this one told the story of a fangirl obsessed with the anime, which was a refreshing change. Avalyn voted for this one for best in category, which i don't think was a bad choice.


Sentiment/Romance was almost as good as Fun/Upbeat. I'm a bit more of a fan of this category than some people i know, but even so it was a bit of a surprise. It helped a lot that for the most part the videos weren't super-sappy/tragic.

I ended up voting for S1, because i'm even though i insist that a video actually meet the criteria of the category (as i view it at least) it never hurts to mix in a little action or dance :)

Avalyn votes for S2, and i quite liked it too. It was also a Monthly Girl's whatever, but more romantic and less comedic than "Notice Me".

I also liked S3 and S4. S3 was another video set to that "two kids get together to form a jazz/rock band and (maybe) compete for the affections of a girl" anime that i saw used a couple times in the VCAs. This one definitely seems more in the "Sentimental" half of the spectrum. S4 is mainly notable for using a cover of "Call Me Maybe."

S5 and S6 were okay, but didn't seem very memorable to me... i can't exactly remember why :) (Okay, upon checking i kind of blocked S5 out of my mind because i know too much about the manga, and S6 was the 2nd Monthly Girls' AMV and the 3rd one of the night, and had the song i liked least out of all three.)


This category wasn't _bad_, but it was a bit of a disappointment to me. This is always the section where i hope to discover an awesome new song, and that didn't really happen this year.

The best of the bunch in my opinion was R2. It had a decent song and was a single-source K-On AMV, which was interesting because i think i may have seen more of K-On in this one video than in all the other AMVs sampling it that i've seen before.

R4 and R5 were decent. I was kind of excited about R4 ahead of time since it was set to a "Daft Punk Skrillix mix", but it ended up consisting of a lot less Daft Punk than i would have liked. Avalyn ended up voting for R5, but the music wasn't quite as much to my taste.

R3 was... just strange. Not bad, just weird and not really my thing.

As for R1, from an artistic standpoint pairing a Michal Jackson Captain EO track with Space Dandy is brilliant. However i haven't seen Space Dandy and i'm not all that fond of Michael Jackson's music, so personally i felt really "meh" about this one.


Okay, i love the comedy section. And technically speaking the comdey section was very good this year. But it's gotten into a bit of a rut.

We had the obligatory AMV set to a meta song. (C1)
We had the obligatory meta AMV about anime/AMVs. (C4)
And we had the obligatory AMV about Free! being gay. (C2)

And they were each well done examples of their types, but it's starting to get a little old.

C5 was set to "Thrift Shop", and was a nice idea that was pretty well done. I commented before the show that i'd heard clips of the song before, but never actually heard the whole thing before. Well it turns out the clips i heard were the best part, and i'm not all that fond of the bits of the song that go in between. Avalyn was apparently not as put off by the song as i was and voted for this one.

C3 is just nuts. It takes the "Rainbow Stalin" joke that was a 5-10 second bit from... AMV404 i think? And expands it out into a full AMV of its own. However it bribed me with Final Fantasy sound clips, and it was original, so it got my vote.


As for the commercial and trailer stuff, "Attack on Badassdom" is something else that's getting overdone by this point. Aside from that the trailers were all reasonably interesting. My favorite was probably Rider4z's Hunger Games/Korra mashup.

I confess that i wasn't paying too much attention to some of the commercials because i was busy trying to figure out how to vote.

The FedEx one is amusing but part of that may be because i vaguely remember the original commercial. The Swear Jar one was amusing. I kinda want to like "Immortal Chimera", but the subject matter is just a little too squicky for me. I don't know the Johnny Bravo intro or the Footlocker commercial, so those ones kind of passed me by.

I didn't vote for any of the commercials or trailers because i didn't notice any such spot, but either i didn't look close enough, or it was creator's only vote, because according to the list X3 and X11 were the bonus category winners.

I've probably forgotten some stuff, but that's the highlights as i remember them!
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