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We were at BayCon over Memorial Day weekend, which is why i didn't post anything then. (*cough* and i'm not going to try and justify the two weeks before that.) And i'm going to be busy for the rest of this week and probably won't post anything then either.

However i wanted to make sure to share my new favorite geeky music experience. seanan_mcguire was great of course, but her new CD isn't out until later this year, so i only heard songs from her that i'd already heard before.

However during the talent competition there were a lot of lip synch routines, one of which was to an awesome parody song by the "Library Bards", called "All About That Space":

And because i feel bad about linking to someone else's YouTube video of their song, here's their actual site:

However it's worth pointing out that they have a lot more songs on their YouTube channel than they do for sale on their website, including another one i really like, "Princess is Captive":
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