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Friday Fun Stuff

I was feeling inspired this week and actually have a decent amount of stuff to share! (Even if it is still all videos =P)

First, how have i not heard of this game before now?!?

I haven't gotten all the way through the video yet, much less actually tried it, but it's described as and sure looks like what Master of Orion 3 ought to have been!!!

Let's Try: StarDrive 2 - Episode 1!

This is a music video someone put together using audio clips from speeches by members of the "UK Independence Party", who sound to be about as conservative and reactionary as US Republicans have gotten. It's a pretty awesome edit, even if the subject is a bit worrying.

(I think someone shared this with me, but i forget who. Whoever you are, thank you!)

Cassetteboy - Emperor's New Clothes rap

For anyone who doesn't pay attention to such things it may surprise you to know that we don't really have a perfect understanding of how airplanes work. There's the popular explanation that usually gets told to people, which is at least partially wrong, and several other alternative explanations, most of which are at least partially wrong. From what i've read it's theoretically possible to completely model the airflow around a wing (or any other object) but it's the kind of computation that can bring even a supercomputer to its knees. So actual airplane design is a combination of simplified models, educated guesses, and a whole lot of prototyping and testing. So i appreciate that this video, while explaining how airplanes work in general, alludes to the underlying uncertainty about the specifics of the mechanics.

How Do Airplanes Fly?

Our upstairs neighbors aren't that bad (though there are definitely some noises we can't quite identify,) but this is still kinda amusing.

Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors

Last, and VERY far from least, the awesome Rider4Z has posted the intro to the SakuraCon AMV Contest Intro! Which makes me both happy that i get to see it now and sad that i couldn't make it to the show. (Also, once again it's Rider4Zs fault that i'm going to have to seek out a new song =)

SakuraCon 2015 AMV Contest Intro

As an added bonus, here are the two entries for the SakuraCon Iron Editor AMV contest, in which two editors are given given two hours to create an AMV under Iron Chef contest type restrictions. Unlike some other times both people managed to produce excellent videos, but then what else would you expect from Ileia and PWolf? :)

(I do happen to think that one of them is definitely much better than the other, but i'm not gonna name any names, so you'll just have to watch them for yourself =)

Iron Editor - Sakura-con 2015 - PWolf

Don't Start a Band - Sakura-con 2015 Iron Editor [2 hour edit]
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