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SakuraCon 2015 AMV Contest

I'm sad that i couldn't make it to SakuraCon this year. We're going to Star Wars Celebration next week so we figured we'd already be taking too much vacation time this month. And then inkbot ended up moving this month. And then one of our kitties got sick and we've been busy taking care of her as well. (Antibiotics are scheduled to be done next week just before the con, and hopefully that will fix things *crosses finger*)

But anyways i was still sad to be missing everything and especially so for the AMV contest. However my sources on the inside forwarded me a picture of the ballot, from which i have transcribed the following list, and also provided links to either or YouTube. I recognize about half of these from the VCAs and about half look like something new to me. And in Upbeat/Dance, my favorite category, there's only one that i recognize! I'm tempted to go watch them all now, but i wonder how many of them will end up being at Anime Expo as well? As long as i missed out on seeing the SakuraCon contest live perhaps i ought to save the (potential) surprise for AX? I'm not sure, we'll see what happens.

But anyways, the list!

SakuraCon 2015 AMV Contest
LinkNumberTitleCreatorAudio SourceVideo Source
LinkT1Kill La BillKireblueKill Bill Theatrical TrailerKill La Kill
LinkT2Attack on BadassdomMaboroshi StudioKnights of Badassdom Theatrical TrailerAttack on Titan
LinkT3March of the PenguindrumCamichan19March of the Penguins Theatrical TrailerMawaru Penguindrum
LinkT4Harlock Into DarknessDriftRootStar Trek: Into Darkness Theatrical TrailerSpace Pirate Captain Harlock
LinkD1A World on FireEnQuatreA World on Fire by Les FrictionFate/Zero
LinkD2User DistortionRider4ZHurricane by 30 Seconds to MarsFuture Diary
LinkD3UnboundRyuu-DonoAll Is Violent, All Is Bright by God Is An AstronautVarious[5]
LinkD4LevityPieandBeerAll I Want by KodalineThe Wind Rises
LinkD5BulletCireraBullet by The RasmusMonogatari Series
404D6Call to ArmsNekokitkatVox Populi by 30 Seconds to MarsKingdom Hearts
LinkF1Your Favorite Swimming ShowCamichan19I'll Be There For You by The RembrandtsFree!, Free Eternal Summer
LinkF2Anything Can HappenNekokitkatAnything Can Happen by Ellie GouldingCardcaptor Sakura
LinkF3FierceBecauseImBored1Fashion by Lady GagaKill La Kill
LinkF4Another Fanny Service VideoIleiaWiggle by Jason Derulo ft Snoop DoggKemeko Deluxe!
LinkF5Chi & The Not So CompanyMycathatesyouAMVShut Em' Down by CelldwellerChi's Sweet Home
LinkA1WhoarriorsIleiaWarriors by Imagine DragonsBeyond the Boundary
LinkA2Red PillStraw BuggyRocksteady by The Bloody BeetrootsGhost in the Shell: Arise & 2.0, Mardock Scramble
LinkA3THROWBACKBecauseImBored1Diamond Eyes by ShinedownYu Yu Hakusho
LinkA4Eternal SalvationRider4ZPompeii by E.S. PosthumusSoul Eater
LinkA5CenturiesZazzleCenturies by Fall Out BoyFate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero
LinkA6Ultra Fighting BrosIrriadin & DaramueNo Scared by One Ok RockVarious[11+]
LinkU1ROCK-ModeSaberAMVzROCK-Mode by LisaLove Live
LinkU2A Trillion Somethings RightSarah SannouneA Trillion Somethings Right by Lincoln Jester & ElephanteVarious[55]
LinkU3Slow Down the Song: Dance MixAMV-XSlow Down by Selena GomezVarious(17)
LinkU4Ho-Kago TeastepMoonieAMVHighscore by Terminite and Panda EyesK-ON!, K-ON!!, K-ON! The Movie
LinkR1MagnetismNekokikatMountain Sound by Of Monsters and MenPatema Inverted
LinkR2Rhythm&MelodyPieandBeerWay Back When by GrizfolkKids on the Slope
LinkR3Girl Next DoorKireblueYou Will Be Mine by LenkaThe Secret World of Arrietty
LinkR4ConveyHamstar138Everything's Alright by Laura ShigiharaYour Lie in April
LinkR5MemoirsCamichan19Sweet Disposition by The Temper TrapKids on the Slope
LinkR6The ConfessionGuntherAMVsI Won't Say (I'm in Love) by Susan EganKatanagatari
LinkC1My Nipples Can Pierce the HeavensDrewaconclusionI'm Too Sexy by Right Said FredKill La Kill
LinkC2Cosplay Bargain BinTarageThrift Shop by MacklemoreVarious[48]
LinkC3Ship HappensVivifxAMVI Ship It by Not LiterallyVarious[23]
LinkC4Anime 404BakaOppaiVarious Audio[16]Various[36]
LinkC5Reiterate ThingsIleiaRepeat Stuff by Bo BurnhamVarious[50]

Tags: amvs, anime, cons, conventions, music

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