DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Mandatory Fun Day

Okay, i've heard about and the the Google Maps Pac-Man game (that doesn't work in Classic Maps =P) from multiple sources.

However what i haven't seen posted yet by anyone else in my circles is that if you open Chrome on a mobile device it now offers to take a selfie:

And on a very related note, Moto has an add going for "customized selfie-sticks":

However if you click through the add they confess that there is no such thing and then offer a $140 off coupon for an off contract Moto X instead. Which means it ought to be $260-$485, depending on what options you get. (+$100 for 64 GB, +$25 if you want wood or leather back.)

Personally i love my old Moto X but think the new one is a little too large. But if you have larger hands than me and are interested in an off contract phone, this might be a good deal. (Or not, i certainly haven't put a lot of effort into research =)
Tags: silly

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