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Nintendo News (Slightly More Seriously)

So it looks like Nintendo made two big announcements at one press conference:

First, they're partnering with DeNA, the owners of Mobage, to release Nintendo games on smartphones and tablets, particularly for Android and iOS, at least to start.

This is huge news, though no one is quite sure yet in what way. Nintendo has been resistant to the idea of going mobile for years, presumably on the fear that it will negatively impact sales of games on their own hardware. A lot of business analysts have been saying that they could make a ton of money on mobile, and anyways it doesn't matter because sales for games on their own hardware have already started heading south.

In theory this move could save a company that's already struggling (although doing so with huge cash reserves) or it could just help accelerate a downward spiral that not even huge sacks of cash can save them from.

Personally i'm more inclined to play games on consoles and dedicated handhelds than smartphones, so i'd like to say that this news doesn't affect me. However it seems likely that sooner or later they'll come out with a smartphone game that i'll want to play, and one way or the other this seems like it _will_ affect development of games on their own hardware.

And speaking of which, perhaps for the express purpose of stopping anyone from thinking that they'll be giving up on non-smartphone games, Nintendo announced that they're working on a new piece of gaming hardware, codenamed "NX".

A lot of people are jumping to the conclusion that this is going to be a new console, most likely because the New 3DS just game out. Some people however think it will be a portable, and some people think it will be some kind of hybrid. Like the Wii U i guess, but actually portable?

Nintendo of course claims that it will be an "entirely new concept", but Nintendo almost always claims that ahead of time, and they've been kind hit or miss when it comes time to produce the results. (And a lot more misses than hits lately when it comes time to _name_ the results.)

Personally i think a new console would be great. The Wii U seems to have proven that Nintendo can't pull off that whole getting a weaker console out a year early thing. (Sony pulled it off well with the PS2, but apparently Nintendo can't manage the same marketing tricks.) So instead come out with one "shortly" after the other companies have already committed, and just make it just slightly more powerful but also cheaper. (There's no reason to suspect console generations won't keep getting longer, so 3-5 years after the 2013 8th generation releases should still be mid-way.)

Another portable is possible, but it seems like that would really undercut the New 3DS. I haven't heard specific sales numbers yet, but it seems a little early to be deciding that it's effectively a failure.

As i joked about in my last post a "Virtual Boy 2" is possible (though certainly not with that name) given how much news all the new VR projects have been making. However that would certainly not be an "entirely new concept" for Nintendo, and i'm sure they realize what kind of reaction that news would get. But maybe they think they can live it down, especially if they wait till one of the other VR projects has models on the shelves, though that would also undercut the "entirely new concept" claim.

Other people have theorized that it the NX will be some kind of home console/portable hybrid. So kinda like the Wii U, but with an _actually_ portable component.

kirinn theorized it would be a console but with a linked mobile device. So kinda like the Wii U, but with an _actual_ tablet :)

But at this point your guess is as good as mine.

No, wait, my Virtual Boy 2 guess is much more entertaining than whatever you were guessing, so nyah-nyah! ;)
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