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The VCA contest wrapped up sunday night and the results are viewable here:

(And again, i believe you have to be a member to see it, but it's free so if you like AMVs you should really be a member =)

As usual i am not personally pleased with all of the results (i got a batting average of 7 out of 26, or 1.8 above totally random, and i can't believe XXXXX won in YYYYY instead of ZZZZZ! *grrr*!) but congratulations to everyone involved! They were all great videos, even if they weren't always my personal favorites :)

I threw together a couple numbers on the finalists, for anyone that's interested.

CreatorTotal WinsNominated VideosTotal NominationsVideos WonOther Videos Nominated
seriy316The Fox
VivifxAMV (Katie )2213Ship HappensAnime 101
qyll (Edward Yu)213Animegraphy 2014
Anicsi (Anna W.)212Stray Tracks
Haunter103 (Miles Klub)117Good Clean Fun
MycathatesyouAMV (Sam Santoro)135Chi & The Not So CompanyThe Butterfly Effect Trailer, Valor
Ileia134WhoarriorsNow or, Y'know, Whenever, The Gore Never Bothered Me Anyway
JazzsVids (Jasmine )124Vacant HeartReady for the Rave
l33tmeatwad (Elite Meatwad)122Identity CrisisImmortal Chimera
BasharOfTheAges (Justin Corriveau)112AMV &humor
GuntherAMVs (Summer )112Hot Commodity
irriadin (Ryan )112Fionn's Curse
Xophilarus112Final Spark
[madaraxD] (Miguel Rodriguez)111Demonic Dreams
kireblue (Erik Norelus)111Kill La Bill
BakaOppai27A Piece Of Toast, Anime 404
BecauseImBored1 (KP )27Fierce, Otaku Paradise
AmvLuna (Luna Nassima)33Angels on the Battlefield MEP, Fact and Fiction, Hooked
PieandBeer23Lucky Seven, Rhythm&Melody
xDieguitoAMV (Diego )13Closer to Hell
Mastamind22Moon Powder, SICK!
MinetChan (Madeleine Brookman)22Juno, Ring of Fire
Rider4Z (Rider )22The Monster in Me, The Optimists
Ryuu-Dono22No Rescue, Unbound
Centurione (Ewa )12Resonance
Cyber-EG12Wind of Japan
James Blond12Rebecca!
_tayo_ (Tayo )11Heart
[key]Scarlet11This White Night Fantasy
8bitcritr (Chris M)11Colors of Anime
Ardamaeus (Sam N.)11Waking Summer Dream
CaptainSwag101 (James Pelster)11Phoenix Wright: Another Part of Me
ceddic11Wir Können Alles!
charmer 5611AMV- My First AMV
DriftRoot (Lauren C.)11Harlock Into Darkness
Hagaren Viper (Caleb Taylor)11This Is Halloween HD Remake
Iren S.S. (Iren Stepanyan)11Monarch
MammiKunniaan11Oops Eren did it again
milesprower0511It Sucks Less to Be-bop
NoisyNinja11Dead Space Cowboy
Padreman (Padre )11Molly
Shin-AMV (Shin )11Vintage Misery
slimed11Phenomenon Open Your Moe
xDreww (Andrew )11Into The Light – 2014 New Years MEP
xGeminii (Toya )11Possessive Hatred
YusukeAMV (Yusuke )11NEMESI
Zarxrax (Alan )11AMV Hell 7
Total Creators# of VideosTotal Nominations

In case it isn't clear, the sorting is # Win > # Nominations > # Videos Nominated > Creator name.

(At lease assuming i did all the sorting right, OpenOffice only lets you sort three items at a time, so i had to do it in multiple chunks.)

(Edit: And it should also be noted that i'm making no attempt to account for the multiple people involved in the Multi-editor or Collaborative categories. It's just going by who was listed as the responsible member on, anything else would have gotten way too complicated.)

In short, for the finals there were 70 videos by 53 different members that were nominated a total of 126 times. The 24 (non-editor) awards were split between 18 different videos.

seiry's "The Fox" is clearly the big winner, making it into 6 categories for the finals and winning 3 of them.

And clearly the biggest non-winners were BakaOppai with "A Piece of Toast" and BecauseImBored1 with "Otaku Paradise". 5 and 6 entries in the finals respectively and not a single win between them =/ One wonders if there might have been a little bit of self-sabotage there? Or am i the only one who ever thinks "I already voted for video X in several other categories, maybe something else deserves a chance here?"

It's a bit surprising that even though several of the winning members got multiple wins it was always for a single video.

One also wonders if there was some self-sabotage going on in some of those cases, especially for VivifxAMV, who got the most total nominations but only came away with 2 wins. The only categories in which "Ship Happens" won were categories in which it was not competing against "Anime 101".

Ileia also really stands out, 7 full-length videos in the semi-finals, 3 in the finals, just one of them won, and even though i voted for her multiple times the winner was one of the few of hers that i didn't even vote for in the semi-finals =P And then there are Rider4Z and PieandBeer who had a huge number of nominees and got a couple each into the finals but didn't win anything =/ And of course there's drewaconclusion who had a massive number of nominations but didn't make it into the the finals at all :(

On the other side of things, Anicsi gets the "Veni, vidi, vici" award for multiple wins and 0 "losses", Stray Tracks was their only nominated video, it was nominated in two categories, it made the finals in those two categories, and it won those two categories. That's some really focused effort!

So again, congrats to everyone, winners and not-quite winners alike!

(I considered doing something similar for all of the nominees, but that would be significantly more work, and i have no idea if anyone else even cares.)

Edit: In conclusion, given how often i was torn between "what i really want to win" vs "what i kind of want to win and i think has a chance of winning" combined with the some of the correlations above (such as Ship Happens vs AMV 101) i _really_ wish the VCAs used some form of instant run-off voting for the Finals. (Trying to rank 20 items in each category for the semi-finals would be a nightmare, but having done it numerous times for the Hugos it's not bad for just five items per category.)
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