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10 March 2015 @ 01:37 pm
AnimeMusicVideos.org Viewers Choice Awards - The Short Version  
I just posted a REALLY long post about this year's AnimeMusicVideos.org VCAs, which includes a list of all the categories, who's nominated for each, and who i think _should_ have been nominated.

This is a shorter (no, really!) post that just lists the videos that i thought deserved to get nominated but weren't (or that weren't nominated enough.)

I would still recommend checking out the list of finalists (http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/amvvca/2015/) because it's entirely possible that one or more very good videos got nominated for exactly the categories i thought they should have, and thus didn't end up in any of the lists below. (And trying to cross-reference everything to figure out exactly which videos those might be would make even my spreadsheet-happy brain explode =)

Videos i nominated but which didn't make the Finals

AMV.org LinkVideo InfoEditor Info
LinkThis Life*inverse* (Rachelle Ernewein)
LinkA WayBasharOfTheAges (Justin Corriveau)
LinkAlchemy ZoneBecauseImBored1 (KP )
LinkHot BloodedBecauseImBored1 (KP )
LinkBetween Rage And SerenityCenit
LinkMy Nipples Can Pierce The Heavensdrewaconclusion (Drew Brisco)
LinkSleepy Sun Bearsdrewaconclusion (Drew Brisco)
LinkDon't Ever Look BackJaddziaDax (Katie )
LinkAttack on BaddassdomMaboroshiStudio (Joseph Croasdaile)
LinkHow it Feels to Chew 5 GumPieandBeer
LinkSakuraCon 2014 AMV Contest IntroRider4Z (Rider )
LinkTchaikovsky's Data PlanRider4Z (Rider )
LinkUser DistortionRider4Z (Rider )
LinkA Trillion Somethings Rightsasukechanx (Sarah Sannoune)
LinkKiss With A Fistslimed
LinkEighties !UnluckyArtist
LinkBow-WOW!Warlike Swans (wSwans )

Videos that made it to the Finals, but not in all the categories i thought they should have:

AMV.org LinkVideo InfoEditor Info
LinkHookedAmvLuna (Luna Nassima)
LinkA Piece Of ToastBakaOppai
LinkFierceBecauseImBored1 (KP )
LinkOtaku ParadiseBecauseImBored1 (KP )
LinkHot CommodityGuntherAMVs (Summer )
LinkGood Clean FunHaunter103 (Miles Klub)
LinkNow or, Y'know, WheneverIleia
LinkThe Gore Never Bothered Me AnywayIleia
LinkIt Sucks Less to Be-bopmilesprower05
LinkLucky SevenPieandBeer
LinkAnimegraphy 2014qyll (Edward Yu)
LinkThe Monster in MeRider4Z (Rider )
LinkThe OptimistsRider4Z (Rider )
LinkFinal SparkXophilarus

Videos that didn't make the finals and that i didn't nominate, but were on the short list:

AMV.org LinkVideo InfoEditor Info
LinkSweet PeachJaddziaDax (Katie )
LinkDisastrous Djinnkireblue (Erik Norelus)
LinkSwim Team RivalryX CeliaPhantomhive (Celia Phantomhive)
LinkSurging TidesXophilarus

Weren't nominated and didn't even make my short list, that i think are still worth watching if you have the time:

AMV.org LinkVideo InfoEditor Info
LinkFree WilliesAmaterasu (Seth )
LinkAnimu StewBakaOppai
LinkMy TownCrackTheSky (Ben S)
LinkDiscrete ParadiseEake4 (Eake4 )
LinkAnother Fanny-Service VideoIleia
LinkRadiant DawnMycathatesyouAMV (Sam Santoro)
LinkLatter DaysPieandBeer
LinkShingeki no ChojiPikapwn
LinkEternal Salvation (Fluxmeister Homage)Rider4Z (Rider )
LinkVintage MiseryShin-AMV (Shin )
LinkBooMxDieguitoAMV (Diego )
LinkThe Lamb DancexZAKUROx (Zakuro )
LinkSix ThundersYusukeAMV (Yusuke )
LinkIn Da ClubZoroIttoryu (Andrew Souitzoglou)

See! That wasn't so bad!