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Final Fantasy Concert!

Remember about a month ago when i was complaining about the lack of Final Fantasy concerts in SoCal?

Well the gods must have been listening! Because yesterday i got an email about a Distant Worlds concert at the Nokia in June!

It's on June 17th, which not so coincidentally happens to be right in the middle E3. This is also the same time they've done a Video Games Live concert for (at least) the past two years. And since it is an E3 event i'm hoping that _maybe_ Nobuo Uematsu will show up as well, even if he's not listed as one of the featured guests.

(And very coincidentally, the weekend before we're going to see Eddie Izzard, so it's going to be a very entertainment packed week for us!)

I don't think there's anyone else in the LA area who'd be reading this who'd want to go, but if there is let me know! We've currently got seats in Row X of the Center Orchestra.
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