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Tipsy Game Store Browsing

Friday night inkbot Avalyn and i went to the Beverly Center mall for dinner and shopping.

We ate at PF Changs, just barely managing to get in before happy hour ended. We knocked a couple back in memory of Leonard Nimoy, ate some food, and then parted ways. Inkbot and Avalyn wanted to do some shopping at Victoria Secrets, and i'm not gonna name any names, but _one_ them didn't want me hanging around while they tried on underwear for some strange reason ;)

That was fine however because i'd been wanting to go to there for awhile because they had A: a Swiss Knife Army store where i could hopefully replace my swiss army knife, and B: a Bed Bath & Beyond, where i could hopefully find some non-scented hand soap.

So i tipsily wandered from PF Changs to the store full of knives, examined several different knives, and then bought a couple knives. But thankfully the consequences of buying sharp pointy things while inebriated is not the main, er, point of this story :)

Since Inkbot and Avalyn were also interested in Bed Bath & Beyond i decided to wander around the mall killing time until they were done shopping. I saw a "Calendars Games and Toys" store and wandered inside. I discovered that they did indeed have a boardgame section, with some pretty standard options and some that i definitely hadn't heard of before, which got me started doing snarky commentary on twitter...
Tags: board/card games, booze, recaps

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