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For once i actually scribled down some notes on a dream when i woke up. I had this dream tuesday night, and couldn't get back to sleep right away when i woke up. I think i got woken up by the phone, but i'm not sure. In any event i figured that since i couldn't sleep i'd do my best to remember the dream.

I'm not really sure how it started, but i was on a journey with some other people, and we were all in a bus heading towards some destination, However we were stopped by a mage who cast some kind of mind controll spell over all of us. Most of the other he locked up but he wanted me to be his bodyguard because there were some people coming to attack him, and i was a giant. Or perhaps a half-giant. I was also a fighter. Apparently i was an AD&D character.

I was trying to figure out if i could escape from his control, so i did a "w" what command so i could take a look at the list of processes. Apparently he was controlling everyone else as a group, but he'd dedicated a second mind control process just for me, so i figured that i wouldn't have much luck breaking it.

For some reason the w also brought up my stats, and i realized i was naked, or perhaps i was just in my underwear the way they always show unequiped characters in computer RPGs. In either case it didn't really seem to bother me, at least not the being naked part per see, but i didn't like having nor armor or weapons. So i went to talk to the mage and asked him if i could go get my stuff out of the bus, and since he wanted me to be his bodyguard he agreed. (Presumably he figured an armed and armored bodyguard was better than a naked one =)

I went into the bus and got my stuff, however i didn't actually have any real armor, i had a sword, and i had some jeans and a shirt. Again this didn't seem to bother me though. I put on the "armor" and got teh sword and left the bus.

I don't remember a fight, not sure if i've forgotten it or if it never happened, next thing i remember we were in some kind of building, i think it was a school or an office. I think perhaps we might have been waiting there for the enemy to show up. I don't know if the mage was there or not, or if we were still mind controlled or not, or rather me in the dream didn't think about it, so it wasn't really relevant. I was wandering around while the rest of the group were doing something else. I ran into a couple of people who were either part of the group or denziens of this building we'd inhabited, and they told me something about there being donuts somewhere. I decided that i wanted some, so i started wandering the hallways.

Eventually i found a room with a table in it and on the table were a couple of boxes that were mostly empty, but in one or two of them there was a half dozen or so donuts left. I looked over the donuts trying to decide which to get, there were couple normal donuts and several others that i've never seen in real life i don't think, however in the dream some of the strange ones were my favorites.

I was trying to figure out how many people had already gotten their donuts and how many more people might still need to get some, and was wondering if i'd be greedy if i took three or four. However eventually i decided to just take two, though i don't remember if i got two strange ones or a normal and a strange.

As i was walking back with my donuts, i started thinking about my stats. We were all 2nd edition characters, and i was wondering if we should redo ourselves as 3rd edition characters. I was trying to figure out which races would allow me to get a 19 in my prime requisite. I think i might have been thinking of becoming a mage or a sorcerer, because elves were one of the possibilities that i was considering, or perhaps i was just considering all classes as possibilities.

But in any event before i could decide or get back to my group i woke up.

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