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FF14 Stories

Avalyn and i spent some time playing FF14 together over the weekend. (As opposed to the more common case of me doing crafting by myself after she goes to bed =)

Here is the general sequence of events from near the end of the session.

(This will probably boring to anyone who doesn't play FF14, or at least MMOs or co-op games in general.)

We get a mission to sneak into a Qiqirn(?) camp and steal a letter.

We run into two Qiqirn on the way in, and although it's a somewhat tough fight (both down to about 50% HP by the end) we prevail.

We get the letter and start trying to sneak out.

One of us (i have no idea which) gets too close to two other Qiqirn and they attack us.

Avalyn starts getting low on health and i see her booking it out of there, leaving me alone to fight the two Qiqirn.

I think "Well that's just great! But this guy is pretty damaged already, i _might_ be able to pull this off."

Then a second or two later i see Avalyn running back _towards_ me, trailing 3-4 more Qiqirn.

I shout into the next room something along the lines of "What are you doing?!?!!"

She responds that she was about to die and tried to run away, but ran into another group before she saw them. And then for some reason thought it would be fun to bring them back to the party she'd just bailed on? I dunno =P

And then she died. Leaving me surrounded by 5-6 Qiqirn.

Thankfully i'd learned a cure spell recently and was able to heal up a little and then get the hell out of Dodge before they took me apart.

At that point Avalyn decided as long as she was dead it was a good time to head to bed.

The End.
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