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What was that?!? (Superbowl)

Avalyn and i invited shamiksan,thumbie, and neonelephant up to our place on sunday to watch the Superb Owl, the same as we did last year. We had awesome pizza from Johnnie's NY Pizza and chips and bacon ranch dip and tapenade and cookies (that thumbie and shamiksan brought) and ice cream bars. So the food part of the party was great, IMHO. The game part of the party however...

The last time we really enjoyed watched the Seahawks crush the opposition with apparent ease. We weren't really expected that to happen again this year, although it certainly would have been nice. What we got this time was a really up and down game, ending on a ginormous and mostly self-inflicted down for Seahawks fans.

Nobody scored anything in the first quarter. In the second quarter they traded touchdowns back and forth. Patriots got one, then the Seahawks got one, then the patriots got another. For awhile it looked like the first half would end 14 - 7. Then the Seahawks got the ball and got towards the end and it looked like it might end 14 - 10. Although not great either one of those would be acceptable, since the Seahawks have gone into the second half trailing points in a number of games and still managed to come out ahead in the end. But then they managed to pull off a touchdown at the last minute and the first half ended 14-14. Which should have meant the Seahawks were in a great position for the second half.

And for the third quarter it seemed to be going their way, they got another touchdown and a field goal, making the score 24 - 14 in their favor.

Then in the fourth quarter everything kind of fell apart for them. They gave up a touchdown, lost the ball, and the Patriots started getting near the end zone again. I said something about "hopefully they'll end up with a field goal", thinking that a tied score would be better than the Patriots being in the lead. I got criticized for saying that, with some comment about how it wasn't certain yet. Well it wasn't, because the Patriots passed up the opportunity for just a field goal and got a touchdown instead, putting the Patriots up 28 - 24. Meaning we couldn't get field goal to tie, we had to score a touchdown.

After a number of failed passes there was another long pass to a guy being guarded by one of the Patriots, and as often happens he got tackled just as he was catching the ball. You could clearly see the ball bouncing off the gloves and everyone was thinking "well crap, another incomplete pass" but then the Seahawk popped back up holding the ball, which we didn't think meant anything at first since you can't pick the ball up again if you drop it (at least most of the time?) But then i guess they updated the downs or the yardage or something because everyone else started going "wait, what?"

And then they cut to a slow-motion repeat, you see the ball bouncing off of his hands (or maybe the hands of the Patriot guy who was tackling him/trying to intercept the ball) and as they're falling over the Seahawk whacks the ball into the air a second time, and then catches it on the third time. It was really impressive, and if things had gone as they should have after that would probably have been one of the most talked about plays of the game.

At that point they were really close to the end zone, and on the next play they got the ball to the 1 yard line! They had three plays left to go and all they needed to do was move the ball forward three feet! (Normally you punt or something on your 4th try, but technically you can try to do another play. It's just that if that fails the other guys get the ball at the point where you got tackled last. So normally something you really don't want, but not a consideration at this point.)

Even better, there were only about 30 seconds left! Given timeouts and such that's enough time for several plays, but barring a miracle it's not enough time for the other team to get a touchdown when they get the ball back. So they just had to get that last yard and they'd 95%+ likely have won the Superb Owl.

As they were setting up i felt compelled to yell "just don't throw the ball!" Because just in the playoffs and previously in the Superb Owl we'd seen passes into the end zone get intercepted multiple times. They only had a yard to go, so no need to do anything fancy! Hell, we'd see people gain a couple yards just by taking the ball and pushing forward through the middle really hard.

So with three tries left, what did they do? They threw the ball. And what happened? It got intercepted.

Apparently the Seahawks weren't quite dead at that point. Since the Patriots were starting on their own 1 yard line if we'd managed to tackled them behind that line i'm told we would have gotten 2 points _and_ we would have gotten the ball back with a little time left. (Enough to say, kick a field goal. 2 point + 3 points = 5 points = more than their 4 point lead.)

But the Seahawks got overeager and started too early and got a penalty. And then a fistfight broke out. I have no idea who started it, but it was pretty pathetic regardless.

After both those penalties the Patriots were far enough forward and had little enough time left that they could just sit on the ball and win it.

And i wasn't the only one thinking no way in hell should the Seahawks attempt passing the ball, even if not everyone else had enough of a premonition to yell it out loud before the play itself. Now if you google "worst call in super bowl history" you get a lot of articles talking about the Seattle Seahawks =P

So the Seahawks literally threw the game away. Or as someone on twitter put it:

"Hey Seattle, would you like to win the Superbowl?"
"No thanks, I'll pass."

(And to date this may be the most appropriate post for this user icon ever.)
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