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02 February 2002 @ 01:36 am
I left to go to Borders at about 10:40. Luckily i was correct in believing that they're open till midnight on fridays =)

I bought about $150 worth of books, which sounds like a lot, but i got "Game Architecture and Design" for $50, and volume one of "Sources of Japanese Tradition" for $40. I also got Sorcerer Hunters #1 and Vido Girl Ai #3 and three novels. I told myself that it was a reward for my first paycheck at the new job, which i had just deposited.

I went and read the Video Girl Ai manga and started on Sorcerer Hunters before they closed.

I saw several cute girls while i was there, but didn't say anything to any of them of course. I didn't feel bad about that, if they don't want to talk to me it's their loss, right? =)

Video Girl Ai is really depressing, i'm glad i read it while i was in a good mood =) Sorcerer Hunters is strange, i haven't decided if i'm going to get any more of it yet.
Sister Atom Bomb of Courteous Debateakiko on February 2nd, 2002 07:33 am (UTC)
Hah, I beat you: I bought one book for $135. I got $200 of books (plus shipping) from amazon, and it was only 4 books. ^__^
DonAithnendonaithnen on February 2nd, 2002 03:48 pm (UTC)
*meep* which one cost $135?
Sister Atom Bomb of Courteous Debateakiko on February 3rd, 2002 07:40 am (UTC)
Applied Therapeutics, edited by Koda-Kimble and Young. 7th edition, 2001. Required for about 7 of my classes over the next 3 years.
Eldridlokechild on February 2nd, 2002 07:40 am (UTC)
I have two tapes of Video Girl Ai. It starts off okay, but then it just keeps spiraling downwords...... It's a good anime. Just, don't like to watch it a lot. *hugs*
DonAithnendonaithnen on February 2nd, 2002 03:49 pm (UTC)
What didn't you like about it?

I'm wondering if it's something specific to the anime, or if it's just a flaw that i'm more forgiving of =)
(Deleted comment)
DonAithnendonaithnen on February 2nd, 2002 03:49 pm (UTC)
meee tooo!