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Concerts (and lack thereof)

So i was going to complain about how there were two Final Fantasy concerts in Los Angeles within a year of each other, and then nothing for 9 years. In 2010 they even did a concert in San Francisco, stopped in LA for the Distant Worlds 2 release party (which i did make it to!) then continued on to do a concert in San Diego.

But then i discovered that they actually _did_ do a concert in LA in 2011, which i somehow never heard about! I don't know who to blame about that other than myself, but i'm still really pissed.

On a similar note, every so often i get an email about Paul and Storm shows, and i don't think they've done one in LA since 2011. Which is weird because they've featured Wil Wheaton more than once and he lives around here. Of course now that i've said that i'm sure i'll find out they did swing by here at some point in the last year or two and i just didn't hear about it somehow =P

Is there some site you can go to where you can make a list of all your favorite bands and get updates when they announce new shows? Because clearly trying to remember to check them all on a regular basis doesn't really work for me =P

(Of course someone will probably suggest Facebook, which might work, but probably isn't a good enough reason to convince me to use it on a regular basis.)

But in any case i have discovered thirdhand that Rush is doing another tour this year! Tickets supposedly go on sale on the 6th, so i just need to decide which one i want to go to. Three of the last four shows are:

July 25, 2015 (Thu) -- Las Vegas -------- MGM Grand Garden Arena
July 30, 2015 (Tue) -- Irvine Meadows --- Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
August 1, 2015 (Sat) - Los Angeles ------ The Forum

Avalyn has some friends who are thinking of going to the Las Vegas show. They're from SF but are fans of both Las Vegas and Rush, so i guess that works well for them. We could tag along for that trip, but i'm not sure about heading out to Las Vegas for a thursday night show. We've already got enough plans involving taking vacations from work this year.

It would be kind of cool to go to the last show of the tour (at least as it's currently listed) and the Los Angeles one would certainly be pretty convenient. It's fairly close _and_ on a weekend! However it's at "The Forum", which looks like yet another sports stadium. I was not all that impressed with the last Rush concert i went to at a venue like that, the Honda Center in Anaheim.

That may be because i've been spoiled by the middle option, the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Despite the Corporate Sponsor name it's an awesome outdoor amphitheatre that i've seen Rush at... three or four times at least? The downside of course is that it's on a Tuesday night instead of a weekend and is a _much_ farther drive. The last time i went to a concert there sithjawa was going to come along but wasn't able to make it because of traffic. It wouldn't be nearly as bad for Avalyn and i, but we'd still probably want to consider the possibility of heading there directly after work without going home first just to make sure we made it in time.

Decisions, decisions!
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