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FF14 and Sleep Dep

If i'm doing the math right (which is questionable under these circumstances) i've gotten an average of just slightly over 4 hours of sleep a night for the last 5 nights. (With a high of 6.5 hours wednesday night and a low of 3 hours last night.) Not an epic amount of sleep dep, but still probably pretty silly of me. (The average wasn't much, if at all, better last week either, but i can't remember much about when i got to bed before sunday, so i can't do the math.)

If i'd actually been spending all my FF14 time leveling my combat class and doing plot stuff i might very well be done with the plot part of the game. However then i wouldn't be able to play with Avalyn very easily, so it's probably just as well i haven't been doing that :)

So instead in the time after Avalyn goes to bed i've accumulated a total of 163 levels in the crating classes and 54 levels in the gathering classes. (Mainly Botany and Mining, i really need to find some time to catch Fishing up.)

After getting all the crafting classes up to 15 i've been putting most of my energy into trying to get Culinary up to at least 37 (where you unlock an awesome skill) but i've also been doing the daily class turn-ins for the Grand Company. As usual with logarithmic type things in the time it's taken to raise Culinary up 10 levels that minimal amount of effort has gotten the other classes all up about 5 levels each. Well, that in the fact that by the time i get done doing all the crafting for daily turn-ins i don't have quite as much time left to run around doing Culinary quests as i'd like. And also my Culinary level is now high enough that i can't always make the daily turn-in for that class.

And just in case anyone cares but has lost the link from last time:
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