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29 January 2015 @ 08:15 am
More Chocobos!  
Between looking forward to getting my chocobo in FF14, actually getting the chocobo, figuring out what to name my chocobo, and the discussion about various chocobo music yesterday stemming from that name, i've had the chocobo theme stuck in my head for about a week now. Perhaps i should go back to listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack again so i can get that stuck in my head instead?

But in the meantime, whenever i hear the chocobo theme in my head it is often accompanied by the only lyrics i have ever heard for the song, from the "ROBOVoice" remix by Joe Redifer on OCRemix. Someone at Newground set the (already amusing) music to an amusing video and every so often i feel compelled to go look it up again and rewatch it. (Of course i also have the song on as part of my regular extended playlist.) So far i've only found two versions of it on youtube, one of which has some small visual artifacts from the capture process, and the other of which cut off part of the beginning and seems slightly blurry. So small visual artifacts it is!


And it's in the video description, but here's the link to the song's page on OCRemix:
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: Joe Redifer - Final Fantasy 5 ROBOVoice