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Music de Chocobo

So speaking of Final Fantasy, this happened on twitter earlier (slightly reorganized for threading)

Since a friend i play with already named their chocobo "Boko", i decided to name mine "Mambo" instead. Mambo da chocobo.

@Donaithnen That is terrible and also excellent.

@Donaithnen Now your party needs Cinco, and Techno, Samba, Electric, Waltz, Fiddle, Odeka, Mods, Aloha, Ukelele, Brass, Dash, Pulse, Crazy..

.@Kirinn and with their powers combined, they can form the (rather bizarre sounding) Choir de Chocobo!
#FinalFantasy #FF14 #FFXIV

@Donaithnen Warrk Wark Wark Wark Waaarrrrrrrrkkkkkk!!~ (kue)

@Donaithnen Alt reply:

.@Kirinn I'm missing Ukulele, Dash, Pulse and Crazy, but i also have Songo, Swing, Electro, Flava, and "FantasticMamboTechnoDisco"

@Donaithnen Oh, I was supplementing my memory with a wiki list of actual square track, not going off my library...

@Donaithnen ...I probably have some other fan mixes too, but it's a pain to search from not-my-home-desktop.

@Kirinn Songo and Swing are actually official (FF5 Arranged and More Friends Concert,) Electro &Flava are Balance and Ruin, last is OCRemix

@Donaithnen ??? which FF5 arranged album? The main one was Dear Friends (1993 album, not the concert obv), and it's not on there...

.@Kirinn sorry, the song is an arranged FF5 song, but the album is "Final Fantasy 1987-1994 The Best of Final Fantasy".

.@Kirinn Also, we are having an extended conversation about Chocobo songs with a specifically formatted name.

And i don't care what kirinn's arguments are, this was clearly the correct music video to link ;)

And i decided to go ahead and try out that "Storify" thing, so you can view it there rather than reading the transcription here, though really there's not that much difference between the two.
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