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28 January 2015 @ 12:33 pm
Final Fantasy Reminiscenses - Bonus Round!  
FF2 + 3

I wasn't going to do either of these (and you'll see why soon) but since they came up in the discussion about Zeynep's ongoing Final Fantasy play-throughs i figured i might as well make a stab at it.

Like most Americans i didn't even know that the "real" FF2 and FF3 were not the same as the ones which were published under those names in America until years later.

I've played a little bit of both of them, one was on DS, the other was either DS or GBA. But i've never gotten all the way through either, so my "memories" of both of them are an indistinct haze of what little i remember about both games and what little i've heard about them on the net, all mashed together.

Technically Spoilers (If I Remembered Anything Right)

4 Onion Knights who fall in a pit.
4 Other people who get involved in the story some way or another.
I'm pretty sure one of the groups is orphans, but i'm not sure if it's the Onion Knights or the other ones.
Cid makes his first appearance in one of these! I'm going to guess... 3?
Chocobos make their first appearance in one of these! I'm going to guess... 2?
Moogles may or may not make their first appearance in one of these! I'm going to guess... yes?

It's been established in the conversation that inspired this post that FF2 had the "hit yourself in the face to get stronger" system, which has never been copied again in any other Final Fantasy game. Which must mean that FF3 had the first switchable Class/Job system. Except as best as i can remember there wasn't a huge benefit to mastering more than one class. Though i could be wrong about that.

There's a big Empire that's trying to take over the world, and you have to stop them! (Shocker!) Actually i guess this would be the first time this happened in an FF game as well, since there was no evil empire in FF1. There may or may not have been an emperor as a prominent character.

One of your friends from early on in the game turns into or turns out to be a bad guy. I'm not sure if they switch back again, or switch multiple times like a certain dragoon that we'll come to know and... love? Strangle? Something like that?

And i've totally forgotten how crystals work into either of these games. But they've got to be in there somewhere, right? :)

And that's all i've got. Like i said, it was just a bonus round.
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Kirinkirinn on January 28th, 2015 09:24 pm (UTC)
Oh man, okay, I'm gonna take a stab at these before reading yours. I wasn't worried about spoiling myself on FFI, since I was confident I knew more, but these... (Edit: n/m, your 'spoilers' don't help much. ;) ) I actually did play some FF2 in Dawn of Souls not so long ago, but I don't think I made it very far in the plot. FF3 I played 2/3 through the original in emulation with only about 10% translation, then the emulator ate my save and I gave up - never touched the 3D remake.


Four character party. Your three regulars are Firion, Maria, and Guy. The fourth is lost right away (was it Richard?) and replaced by a series of guest chars: Minwu, Layla, ummm, errr, Joseph?, uhhh, and some other people. And a Highwind at some point. And you get the first guy back at the end of the game, I think.

Mechanics: the black sheep Kawazu system where exercised stats go up, leading to weird strats like smacking yourself to powerlevel. Spells go up levels too.

Story/Events: Ummmm, okay, there's an empire taking over the world, you're refugees/rebels. You join up with other resistance kingdoms early on. There's a snow sled at one point. I forget if Doga and Unne are in this one or 3. Dragoons are important at some point. There *is* an important evil emperor. At some point you kill him, but then you have to kill him again in hell or something because he's still trying to take over the world. I think in DoS you also get to kill him in heaven a third time. Oh, and if you power-level right I think maybe you can kill him with Frog? If not, Blood Sword all the way.

Oh, yeah, I think Chocobos were in. Maybe. Also there's beavers.


In the original, four completely blank slate kids - in the 3D remake, they're actual characters: Refia, Ingus, ummmm Arc, ummmmmmm Luneth? Cid definitely debuts in this one. Though I think he's invisible?? And maybe moogles? Oh, and some of the usual summons start showing up bc there's a Caller job I think.

Mechanics: first swappable job system, though "new job sickness" thing makes it kind of a pain, and the balance wasn't so great. You get a set of 5(?) new jobs from each crystal, which shatters when you find it.

Plot: Oh man, so little idea. Crystals are weakening, earth is rotting etc, four youths are chosen as light warriors to fix it for reasons. Lots of little local conflicts. Some greedy dude. Someone who's pissed that they're not immortal. I think you start off in a floating sky world and the world below is flooded maybe? But you fix it? Some armies are fighting. Some annoying boss you can only survive by jumping with 4x dragoons. An annoying dungeon where enemies split forever unless you're Dark Knights. End boss is Cloud of Darkness who is evil for reasons.

Think that's about all I got for those.