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New Car, Lost Stuff

Avalyn has been wanting to get a new car for the entire time i've known her and for some time before that as well. Her old car was a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage, and it was starting to fall apart a bit. Every time she drove it she had to check the rear left window when she was done to see if it had fallen down, and shove it back up by hand if it had. The automatic door locks were also starting to get a little flakey, and the she said she was sometimes having trouble using the key on the driver door.

She was being very particular about what kind of car she wanted, which i can't blame her for for a purchase of this magnitude, especially since she was thinking of buying new. She did a lot of research and obsessed about all the different options. Since she has a shorter commute than me i would often get home and ask "what are you up to?" and she would reply "looking at car reviews."

Since i am not a car person i could not possibly recount all the different kinds of cars she looked at. I do know she was thinking about getting another Japanese car, but then after reading too many articles about Japan's whaling industry, in particular the slaughtering of dolphins, she decided she couldn't bring herself to do that.

Early on in the process she got in contact with a car broker who's a relative of a friend, and so she's been bugging him with questions and stuff for years now.

Then sometime last week (unless it was toward the end of the week before?) she found an online listing for a 2013 Volkswagen Golf up in central or northern California.

She told the broker person about it and he went to work. It took a lot of back and forth, especially since the dealers hadn't been entirely accurate about all the details, but the broker managed to get her a somewhat better deal, though not as much as she'd been hoping. And as a bonus the broker was willing to drive the car down to LA for her. Though that was probably helped along by the fact that she was selling her old car to them for a decent but not great price, so the person who delivered it was going to driver her car back up.

But even so i'm kind of surprised that's a viable business. They only charged her about $300 total, though maybe she got a discount because of the friend of a relative thing.

So as the car was heading down on saturday Avalyn started getting all the stuff she'd need together. She'd already cleaned out most of the stuff in her car a couple days earlier when it looked like the deal was probably going to happen, and took it to get an oil change and wash that morning.

And then she tried to find the registration, and couldn't. She'd made a copy of her registration to keep in the car after it was broken into (see above about the non-closing window) and put the original "somewhere safe."

After she'd spent an hour or so searching i suggested that i should go down and check my car, just in case. We'd had to take both our registrations in to an office place to get parking stickers for our block, and it was possible that somehow hers had gotten mixed up with mine.

So i went out to my car and looked, and looked, and looked. And then told her "well i'm sure _my_ registration has got to be somewhere, but i don't know where." I've got all the old slips from 2000-2013, but not this year's. The sticker _is_ on my license plate, so that's good.

At this point we're thinking that i somehow forgot to put my registration back, and it's with hers in whatever "safe place" that got put. So Avalyn was freaking out about this, but i told her that the last time i "sold" my car to the insurance company they didn't actually need all the paperwork because they could request duplicates from the DMV, and when the guy with the car showed up to finalize the deal he confirmed that having the copy would be good enough.

So Avalyn is okay now since she'll have a new registration with her new car. I guess i just need to try really hard not to get pulled over until June-ish when my "you need to re-register" mail shows up?

But in any case, much paperwork was signed and a couple checks were written. Then we all went to sit in the car while Avalyn took it for a drive around the block. (Avalyn's sister had come over to participate in the momentous occasion, after having had to listen to Avalyn complain about her current car and debate about what she wanted for years =)

Before the guy drove off with her old car Avalyn wanted to see if she could peel the parking sticker off since there's some way you can get it exchanged for a new one (the stickers have the license plate of the car written on them.) I said i'd grab my pocket knife since that might be useful for sticker peeling, and checked on the table where i'd been sure i last left it. And it wasn't there. Nor was it anywhere on the floor around the table that i could see. And i'd just used it a couple hours earlier to help Avalyn pry open a very tight keyring so she could add the spare key to it.

Luckily Avalyn was able to get the sticker off pretty easily, so the knife wasn't actually needed. Then we took a couple pictures and waved goodbye to her old car as it was driven off.

So Avayln got a car, and i lost (or became aware of losing) a couple things. In a few more days i'll probably have to give up and just buy a new pocket knife. In fact i really ought to see if i can get a 10-pack of them or something, because i certainly lose them often enough =P (I think this was probably the 4th one?)
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