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Final Fantasy Reminiscences

A friend has been replaying FF13 and discussing various parts he's gotten to or finished and items he's collected and tactics he's using. And i realized that i remember far less of that game than seems reasonable given how recent it was. Which led to two thoughts.

1: Do i _actually_ remember more about the other FF games, or do i just think i do because i'm not comparing my knowledge against someone currently playing the game?

2: Is there any correlation between how much i remember about the other games and how much i liked them?

So i decided to experiment and write down what i could remember about each Final Fantasy game and see how those lists compare. At first i figured i'd just write them all up and then post about the whole thing, but then just writing up just two of them took far longer than i initially estimated, so i decided to split it up and post over a couple of weeks or something. (Hey, more posts that way! =)

So here's my notes from the original Final Fantasy, as best as i can remember.

Final Fantasy 1

Times played: 2-3 (Complete) 2-3 (Incomplete)
First played: 1990
Last completed: 1995 or 6?
Last played: 2000ish? Maybe later?
Last seen: Watched a Let's Play by Sulla through the Elf town part a couple months ago.


Four blank slates
Princess and King of Cornelia(?)
Greedy Elf Prince
The Crescent Lake(?) Sages


I'm going to put a cut here, because this is obviously spoilers and moderately long. (And maybe others want to play along, who knows?)

• You go fight Garland (don't get knocked down!) and rescue the princess.
• Then you get the intro to the game (awesome music!)
• Then you go to Matoya's Cave (awesomest music ever!)
• Then you go to the town where you fight the pirates to get a ship.
• Then you go to Elf town.
• Then you go to Marshy cave of Mind Flayer death.
• Then you go get the lens for Matoya? Was that in the cave? Or is it a more extended fetch quest? No wait, i think you get something in the cave to wake up the Elf guy who has the lens?
• I think that leads to getting the dynamite that lets you blow open the channel to the outer sea.
• Then you go to the town in the NW that's rotting, where you go into the dungeon and fight Lich and get the Earth crystal.
• Then you do something or other to get the canoe and go to the town in the SE (Crescent Lake?) where you go into Gurugu volcano (more awesome music!) to fight... Ifrit? That doesn't seem right. (I worry that my memories of the bosses after Lich are being corrupted by memories of the Four Fiends from FF4. Although in FF4 it's not Ifrit either, it's... Kary?)
• Then you get the Airship and get to wander around.
• I think you can immediately go to the floating castle and get the class change? Or maybe that's a little later. In any case when you do collect the rat tail but dodge the mecha!
• I believe you do the air shrine first? And fight... i don't remember. Some generic wind elemental?
• Then you have to get the stuff to go underwater for the underwater shrine. Who do you fight there? Leviathan?
• There are a number of towns you go to of course, but the only one i really remember at this point is the one with the hidden magic shops.
• Then you go back to Garland's castle, which turns into the Chaos temple where you fight the end boss.

So this is kinda of a Throwback Thursday thing, right? :)
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