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20 January 2015 @ 01:10 pm
I'm not a big fan of sportsball in general. In fact most years the only time i see the game is during the Superbowl, which i usually turn on more for the commercials than the game.

So it was kind of surprising to me the first time my "home" team, the Seahawks, made it to the Superbowl in 2006. I kind of expected them to lose because i'd been used to the Seahawks losing all throughout my childhood, and they lived up to my expectations.

Then they got to the Superbowl again last year, and from what i was hearing from family and friends it sounded like this time they actually had a chance. I found it hard to believe, but we've already established i don't know much about the sport and they went on to clobber the... Broncos? (For a Seahawks "fan" who knows very little about the game it was a great one to watch. I still have a gif of the opening toss thing going past the quarterback's head as he stares at it dumbfoundedly.)

So since some friends from Washington have been in town for the last week on business we actually ended up watching the game against the... somebody or others the saturday before last over at thumbie and shamiksan's place. And then we got together at a Karl Strauss on sunday to watch the final pre-Superbowl game against the Green Bay Packers.

As usual, i expected the Seahawks to screw everything up, and my friends expected them to pull it out of the fire in the second half. In fact the Seahawks managed to fulfil both of our expectations, to the consternation of pretty much everyone.

I'm still very hazy on a lot of the rules (sometimes you can let the ball bounce on the ground before picking it up, and sometimes not?) but even i could tell that going into the second half with a score of 0 to 16 wasn't good. And going into the 4th quarter at 7 to 16 is possibly worse. And going into the last 4 or 5 minutes of the game at 7 to 19 is really bad.

When the Seahawks managed to accidentally throw the ball to the Packers at that point everyone figured it was probably over. In fact a table of 8-10 people who'd been loudly cheering for the Packers got up and left at that point, and as they left i overheard one of them saying something along the lines of "Yeah, the Packers have won this."

The Seahawks managed to get the ball back though, and scored a touchdown.

But at this point there were about 2 minutes, and the friends we were hanging out with said something about "they have to try for an onside kick, but the Packers know that so it's now going to work." Apparently an onside kick is a special thing you can do instead of kicking the ball to the other team, but it's pretty easy to counter if the other team expects it. The Packers expected it because it was the only thing the Seahawks could do and still have a chance of winning, and so they had a guy waiting right where the ball came down. And it bounced off his helmet and straight into the arms of one of the Seahawks. (Can you use "Seahawk" as a singular for one of the members of the team?)

This was vastly amusing and we spent awhile all going "boing!" at each other. It was almost as amusing when the Seahawks got a touchdown and for the thing you do after getting a touchdown the receiver guy actually ran in circles briefly before finding someone to throw the ball to so they could get the two point thing.

The rest of the game was nerve-wracking but straightforward. The Packers get a field goal to tie it, Seahawks win the overtime coin toss and get a touchdown.

So all in all it was a pretty exciting game, and we'll definitely be watching the Superbowl as well as the commercials this year. Still not enough to turn me into a regular sportsball watcher though. It may be fun to watch your favorite team in the championship games, but most of the games involve neither your favorite team nor the championship, and apparently i just don't care enough without the combined incentive.

Also, i think i need to see if i can get a gif of the ball boinging off the Packers guy's helmet to go with my gif of the Broncos guy completely missing the opening ball :)
Beth Leonardbeth_leonard on January 20th, 2015 10:58 pm (UTC)
Your knowledge of this sport still vastly exceeds mine.
DonAithnendonaithnen on January 23rd, 2015 06:20 am (UTC)
If you kick the ball between the things you get 3 points.

If you get the ball into the end area on foot, you get six points. When you do that you get one try to do that again for two extra points, or you can kick it between the things for one extra point. So touchdowns are usually worth 7 points but might be 8, or might be 6 if you screw up.

When you get possession of the ball you have to get it forward 10 yards within 4 tries, and if you fail you have to kick it. Usually (but not always) you kick it to the other team. Of you succeed in getting it forward 10 yards this step resets and you have to do it again.

At the start of the game and after you score you also have to kick the ball. Usually (but not always) you kick it to the other team.

You can't go outside the lines.

If you drop the ball the other team can pick it up, except when they can't.(?)

If the other team throws the ball you can interfere with the ball by attempting to grab it, but you can't interfere with the person on the other team trying to catch the ball. Though i guess you can try to grab the ball and "accidentally" smash the other person trying to catch it?

You can get in trouble for "unnecessary roughness", though i'm really not sure what exactly the limit is between "ramming full speed onto the guy and knocking him into the ground" and "being too rough" is.

You can get in trouble for being too fast at the start, and also for being too slow. Not entirely sure how they decide when you do it just right.

That's really about the extent of my knowledge, so now you know as much as i do! :)
Beth Leonardbeth_leonard on January 23rd, 2015 11:51 am (UTC)
This description reminds me of the up-goer five, and yet I find it useful.