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Today went pretty well, except for the fact that i didn't get much work done =P

I was quite happy when a group of my coworkers came through the programmer section asking if anyone was interested in going to Mitsuwa for lunch. Mitsuwa is like a mine Japanese shopping mall. It's got a standard sized supermarket that specializes in lots of asian food and stuff, and then about the same size area again that has several little resturants and a couple of stores that sell interesting things and a book store.

I suppose that's one of the advantages of not having an office, it makes it harder for people to just incidentally ignore you.

So i of course voluntered to go along. I got a bento box type thing for lunch, although i couldn't finish it all because i'd actually had breakfast this morning, unsuspecting of the lurking lunch.

Most of us went and looked through the bookstore after that. I couldn't find any Dragon Quest manga =( Of course even if i had i wouldn't have remembered which ones i still need to get. I need to reinventory my manga and go back and look again at some point.

So good happy lunch, yay! =)

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