DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More Space Video, Civilization, and Ponies

It's not quite a throwback thursday, but one of the people working on a Russian geostationary satellite compiled a bunch of the video data into a pretty impressive film of Earth from orbit over a 4 day period.

Then someone had the brilliant idea to combine the video with the theme from Civilization 4. They did it on the cheap and easy via a website that lets you play two YouTube videos at once, but if you follow the link and make the satellite imagery video fullscreen the Civ theme will keep playing in the background. Despite not actually being edited it works out rather well.

Planet Earth in 4k vs Christopher Tin's Baba Yetu

Of course that got the Civ4 theme stuck in the head and reminded me of the "What if Civilization Had Lyrics" song from a couple years ago. The guy who did this does a whole series of "What if Game X Had Lyrics" (hence the name, even though the Civ4 theme _does_ have lyrics,) and some of them are pretty bad for various reasons, but i really liked this one.

(I suppose i should note that there are some "mature themes and language")

And then if you want to get even more meta, someone made What If Civilization Had Lyrics Had Ponies :)

I'm sure i've shared those last two before, but they're worth resharing :)
Tags: fun stuff, music, video games, videos

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