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Today was cool. At work I got RealPlayer and AIM to work with the firewall. I can listen to the radio and talk to people when I'm at work now! It feels so much better being at work when I'm not out of contact with all the people I care about.

Telnet and IRC are still causing problems. TeraTerm will get a connection, but no information seems to be transmited once the connection is made, I don't even get to log in. Putty, Mirc and Pirch don't even have that much success. Hopefully I'll figure it out eventually, but even if I don't, AIM is pretty good.

I'm worried about getting too distracted from work because of the internet, but I've felt so much better the last two days. I actually stayed late at work today so I could cruise around the web on a T1, since I could talk to people on AIM while I did so.

The other thing making me feel pretty good is that I get to take tomorrow off to go to E3! I can't wait to get to try out the GameCube!

I really need to clean the apartment up before Allyn gets back. And do laundry, and dishes, and take out recycling.

She's coming back soon! Will have to find things to distract myself with over the weekend, besides cleaning up that is =) Shawkial says she may want to come over and watch some DVDs on my PS2, which would be fun.

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