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Extra Credits, OCRemix, and Synchronicity

Remember how i said yesterday that i'd coincidentally been listening to the Final Fantasy OCRemix albums, Balance and Ruin in particular, over the last two weeks?

And remember how i said on wednesday that i'd been catching up on old Extra Credits videos and how they'd diversified into the "Extra History" videos that i shared?

Well when Extra Credits announced the new shows they were doing one of them was a set of episodes dedicated to the video game remix artists, many of them from OCRemix, that they've been using for the closing credits music since the series began.

Maybe it was knowing those videos existed that prompted me to turn off shuffle mode in winamp when it randomly started playing the Final Fantasy remix albums, or may be it was the fact that i'd been listening to the remix albums that prompted me to start playing the "Extra Remix" videos. Or maybe both. (It might be possible to narrow it down if YouTube actually displayed timestamps in your viewing history, but no such luck.)

But in any case i'd gotten through Echoes of Betrayal and had been listening to Balance and Ruin for the past two days on friday. I'd already listened to the first couple "Extra Remix" videos on my own, but that evening i decided to play the episode for one of my favorite remixers for Avalyn. I played the intro video first so she'd have some idea of what was going on, and then played her the video for djpretzel, the founder of OCRemix.

For each artist they play a number of clips from various songs and then one song in full. And one of the songs they played was... from Balance and Ruin. And i said "ha, i was just listening to that at work!"

And when we were done with that i saw that a little later in the queue were zircon and PixieTricks, and i thought "hey! i like both of their stuff! Let's queue them up too!"

I had not known that Zircon and PixieTricks were married when i queued the videos up and had not been looking at the full list of videos, so it was amusing when they mentioned they were going to be doing the PixieTricks video after the Zircon video. "Ha, i already did that!" And then for one of the Zircon songs they picked Balance and Ruin again. To which i replied "wow, they really seem to like that album, they keep picking stuff from it."

So then we got to the PixieTricks episodes and they announced that one of the clips was from Balance and Ruin, and something to the effect of "you may have noticed we keep picking stuff from Balance and Ruin, that's because we think it's a great album."

So we spent awhile listening to a bunch of good music and some pretty amusing synchronicity :)

Extra Remix: Intro

Extra Remix: djpretzel

Extra Remix: zircon

Extra Remix: Jillian Aversa (PixieTricks)
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