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15 Years of OverClocked Remix

Today is the 15th Anniversary of OCRemix!

For anyone not familiar with it, it's the biggest site hosting remixed video game music on the web, and if you like video games and music you should follow one or more of the links below to check it out!

At first it seems hard to believe it's been around that long. Then i realize i've been enjoying it for at least 13 of those 15 years and i feel kind of old =P

But anyways in honor of the anniversary they put together a "mixtape" of songs from the site on the AVClub.

I haven't heard most of those particular songs, but i'm sure they're all good. (Of the two i am familiar with, "Fillmore Freestyle" is an old favorite and "A Fistfull of Nickels" is a new favorite.)

Coincidentally i've spent most of the past two weeks listening to the Final Fantasy albums i got from the OCRemix Kickstarter, Random Encounter (FF1), Echoes of Betrayal (FF4), Balance and Ruin (FF6), and Voices of the Lifestream (FF7).

I got physical albums from the Kickstarter, but it should be emphasized that the digital albums are available on the site and (like all the other remixes) are free!

And just to make it really simple, here's a link to the site :)

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