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Burger King Hates Us :(

When i first moved in with Avalyn there was a Burger King a quarter of a mile down the street. This was awesome because according to Avalyn Burger King is the only cheap fast foot burger chain with a real veggie burger. So fairly often i would walk there and come back with one or two burgers for me off of the "cheap" menu, a veggie burger for her, and satisfries and onion rings to split.

In theory the satisfries were supposed to be good for you because they had less fat or something. The important thing to us was that they were thicker than their regular fries and crinkle cut. They weren't quite as good as Del Taco fries (the excellence of which is something that continues to amuse me) but they were a lot better than "regular" fries.

Unfortunately it seems that a lot of people were put off by the "low fat" thing, so they didn't sell very well and Burger King discontinued them at a lot of locations, including ours. That made us sad, but at least we could still get the same order with the somewhat less appealing regular fries, so overall it was still pretty good.

Given the previous use of tenses you can guess where the rest of this is going. I got home from gaming last night and we decided we wanted something quick and easy for dinner, so Burger King. I headed out walking down the street, listening to audiobook and not paying that much attention, because it's pretty obvious when you get to the Burger King.

A block or two later i ran into one of those temporary sidewalk tunnels they put up for construction. "That's weird" i thought, i wonder what they're doing? I continued on through the tunnel and when i got to the other side i realized i'd gone too far. I stood there confused for a second before putting two and two together. With a feeling of trepidation i walked back through the sidewalk tunnel and when i got to the other side i peered up over the walls blocking off the lot to see the once brightly lit Burger King sign now dark and partially dismantled. (Or at least that's how it appeared at night, maybe it was just my shattered hopes projected upon the form of the sign.)

So i continued on to the Fatburger that's half a mile from our place, where i spent almost twice as much for close to the same meal. (Plus: i did get a salad too. Minus: their onion rings aren't as good. And the burger was larger than i really wanted at that time of night. Indeterminate: Their fries are better than Burger King's regular fries, but not as good as the satisfries.)

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