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No Cruise Today

I really want to go on the JoCo cruise this year. I've really wanted to go on the JoCo cruise every year since i first heard about it. On the plus side this year also has Scalzi. On the less plus side this year doesn't have steuard and chalgaryn.

However last night we blocked out our vacation plans for next year. As things are currently arranged 14 of Avalyn's 15 vacation days are already accounted for. We might be able to chop off a couple extra days here and there by making sacrifices elsewhere (we both like to take large periods of time off around the holidays, and she could skip some of the smaller cons) but she'd still have to take at least a couple days of unpaid leave, and that's on top of the $3000 for the room plus whatever the plane flights to Florida and back would cost.

So we reluctantly decided that the cruise wasn't in the cards (again.) Maybe some other year when we're not going to Star Wars Celebration and Avalyn isn't thinking of getting a new car?

On the plus side this means that hopefully Avalyn can come along to BayCon and _maybe_ she can make it to WorldCon as well (Sasquan in Spokane this year.) And this _would_ make it quite a bit more feasible to get a Wii U. (Note to Sony, big factor in deciding whether to get a Wii U or a PS4 first: backwards compatibility.)
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