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Lords of Waterdeep

The other thing i did over the weekend was play an awesome game of Lords of Waterdeep!

And then I rolled a five and a two...

(For non Red Dwarf fans, that means you're going to be bored out of your skull if you read any further.)

It was a four player game. When we were dealing out the quest cards the player to my right got the 20 point Piety card, but then i got the 20 point Warfare card as well as the 11 point Warfare card. So good start if i got bonus points for Warfare. I checked my Lord card with trepidation but discovered that i was Warfare and Commerce, so that was great!

Then we rolled for who was to go first and i won. After which we realized that we hadn't put out the Inn quests yet. So we dealt those out and revealed the 25 point Warfare quest! So the first action of the game was obviously grabbing that.

Then for some reason when it came back around to my turn the two Orange block spot had been taken but the Builder spot was open, so i went ahead and built the 1 Purple + 1 Intrigue, Owner gets 1 Intrigue building, which ended up being more helpful in the end than i expected.

The next couple rounds i picked up two more Warfare quests, the 15 point and the other 11 point, when they were revealed by other people. Which meant i had the top 5 Warfare quests, worth 82 points (not counting the bonus) but requiring around 25 Orange cubes, of which i had one or two.

Thankfully the person to my right decided to build her 20 point quest early, giving her a significant lead that she managed to hold on to for most of the rest of the game. Which of course meant the others were far more focused on her than me. Left player dumped a mandatory quest on her, unfortunately this was immediately before Across player did the "turn one quest in for points" Intrigue card. Right player dumped the mandatory quest, and i seriously considered dumping one of my 11 point Warfare quests since i had so little Orange, but decided to stick it through. However i did go ahead and stick another Mandatory quest on Right player when my turn came around.

I spent turns 4-6 building buildings that gave Orange cubes when convenient and picking up Orange cubes whenever possible (doing so via Intrigue cards a couple times) as well as some stray bits of gold (to buy more Orange themed buildings of course.) Starting around turn 6 i decided that maybe i should actually start finishing some of these quests. That decision was prompted in part by the fact that we were almost out of Orange cubes in the supply since i was sitting on about 12 or 13 of them. So i started with the 25 point quest, which took me out of dead last and up to being competitive with the 2nd to last person.

By turn 9 i was up to second with one quest to go. Then Left player grabbed a 25 point Skulduggery quest, and already had almost enough cubes to complete it. That would have jumped him up about 8 points ahead of Right player, and about 6 points higher than my last quest was going to get me. I tried to convince Right player to take the last spot with two Black left, on the theory that if she did that i could prevent Left player from completing his quest, but she was having none of it.

So i went ahead and put the mandatory quest i'd been holding in reserve on Left player, which is the point at which he made an extreme tactical error. He needed two more Black to be able to complete both the mandatory quest and the 25 point quest and he immediately put his second to last agent on the two Black space, possibly because his attention was focused on it after the bickering between Left player and i. Only after doing that did he realize that he didn't have the Orange he needed to complete the mandatory quest that turn, and since he only had one agent left he only had one turn left after that in which to complete quests. (It's not 100% clear if he'd taken one of the spots he could have gotten Orange from if he then would have been able to get enough cubes with his last agent to finish the 25 points quest as well, but it was definitely a possibility.)

So he was out, which left Right player who was now two points behind me but had two quests they could potentially complete, both of which required White, of which they had exactly one cube. (One needed two White, the other only needed one, but also required some other cubes or coins they didn't have.) They'd just placed their last agent in the second harbor space, so i took the last harbor space and used my last good Intrigue card to steal their only White cube. And then when i took my first agent out of the harbor grabbed the only space left that could have given them the cubes they needed to complete either quest.

Amazingly we ended up with exactly the same number of points for cubes and coins and had the same number of bonus quests, so i kept my 2 point lead to win :)
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