DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Toy Story 4

So the good news is that Pixar is not making another Cars movie. (Yet.)

The not so good news is that they're making another Toy Story movie.

When Toy Story 2 and 3 were announced i had a hard time imagining what they were going to do with them. In both cases Pixar managed to produce something that was pretty compelling.

However they can't keep that up forever, and i have to wonder if they're pushing it one sequel too far this time.

The reason the first three Toy Story film worked (for me at least) is that they explored the existential crises of the toys. Toy Story was about the fear of obsolescence in the face of other toys, Toy Story 2 raised specter of being abandoned when the owner grows up, and Toy Story 3 followed through on what happens after that.

But what's the story going to be now? They can't really rehash the previous topics and still seem fresh. (It would also drive home the somewhat depressing point that they're all ultimately doomed, but then again, aren't we all?)

So i'm worried that even if they come up with something that's at least entertaining it will still lack the heft of the first three.

And i've also got to say that although i liked the Toy Story movies they're not really my favorite Pixar films. It's not as bad as the aforementioned Cars films, but every time they announce something i'm not especially interested in i can't help but wish they were devoting their energies to something with more potential.

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