DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I've got a theory...

So the title for Star Wars Episode 7 was announced today, and that title is "The Force Awakens".

A lot of people have been making fun of that. From a purely qualitative viewpoint that title isn't really worse than any of the others, but what i think bothers/confuses/perplexes people is the thought, "wait, the Force was asleep?"

There have been plenty of books and movies for which "X Awakens" would be self-evidently appropriate, one in which a long since banished evil is about to return, or the forces of good have been beaten down but now are ready to fight back.

"The Force Awakens" would have been a great subtitle for the original Star Wars. It would have also been perfectly decent as an alternative to Return of the Jedi, representing Luke having become a Jedi Master.

But now? The war was (theoretically) won, Darth Vader and the Emperor are (theoretically) dead and Luke has (theoretically) been finding and training new Jedi for awhile. So why is it now, 20ish years later, that the Force is Awakening? It doesn't make much sense on the surface.

So here's an alternate theory. In the original trilogy the Jedi were relatively slow and purposeful, almost lethargic and pondering. Go take a look at the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in Star Wars. Things got a bit more energetic in Empire and Return, but only relatively speaking. A couple backflips and some better choreographed lightsaber fencing were supposed to be impressive (and were at the time.) Darth Vader's Force push in Empire may have been fairly powerful, but it was slow as heck.

Then the prequels came out, with over 15 years of special effects improvements since the last film. Now Jedi are Force shoving things left and right and pulling off all kinds of acrobatics, especially in the second movie when Yoda literally starts bouncing off the walls.

But in the internal chronology we go from hyper-energetic Jedi who use the Force at the drop of a hat to slow and methodical Jedi who only occasionally pull out the big guns. So what's the explanation for that?

The Force went dormant.

I don't know why or how, but clearly something was "wrong" with it during the original trilogy, or rather it was very low powered. Perhaps the strength of the Force depends not only on the strength of the individual using it, but also the total number and strength of all other users. Kind of an reverse Conservation of Ninjitsu.

So now in the... postquels(?) there will be enough new Jedi having been trained that the Force will regaining its strength, which is why the Jedi will suddenly be able to match the feats (*cough* special effects *cough*) of the Jedi of old.

But it's just a theory :)
Tags: movies, sf/f

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