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Halloweeny Weekend Part 1 - Costumes and Party

Friday night we went to a Halloween party at a friend of Avalyn and inkbot's.

Inkbot had decided awhile ago that she was going to be Ripley from Alien, after a brief stint of considering going as Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and had been working on her costume for awhile. Avalyn poked at me once or twice asking what i was going to go as, and i finally decided on Link, mainly because i figured it would be pretty easy to fake-up a costume for him via the internet.

I _could_ have spent $15-20 on a replica foam sword and $20ish on a replica foam shield, but instead i spent about $60 on a replica wood or hard plastic shield and $35 on a replica steel sword. I also picked up one of the Link hoodies and a green hat. (The green hat wasn't strictly necessary since the Link hoodie obviously has a green pointed hood, but since it was only $9 i figured it would look nicer than putting the hood up.)

It will probably be a little difficult to reuse the costume for a con because of the steel sword, which isn't sharpened but does have quite a point on the tip, but it is a pretty awesome sword :)

The last of my packages showed up wednesday evening, and Avalyn still hadn't figured out what she was going to go as. She said if i'd decided earlier she might have gotten a Zelda dress so we'd match, and for awhile she was thinking of reusing her Star Trek uniform. Then friday morning she emailed me from work saying she'd decided to go as Katniss Everdeen, since she already had most of the stuff she needed.

She's been into archery for years, since before the Hunger Games books came out, and already had a real bow and arrows. She borrowed a faux leather jacket from her sister, and after getting home from work she went by the local Goodwill to get some boots and then to Whimsic Alley (conveniently right around the corner from us) to get one of the Mockingjay pins. She actually got the very last one in stock, they had to pull it out of the display case for her. (She mentioned that this was the second time that Whimsic Alley has saved her Halloween at the last minute, i'd forgotten that last year she went as Hermione after getting a time-turner necklace from them at the last minute.)

When we were getting ready she asked me if i could help her with her hair. She'd done some research and found that Katniss' signature hair style was a dutch braid, done sideways. She loaded up a video of someone explaining how to do it, and they started out with the "things you need", which included hair spray, some kind of curling iron, and three or four other things that i've since forgotten. Only one or two of which Avalyn actually had, and she was getting despondent about how complicated it was going to be and declared that we should just give up and do a regular braid. Meanwhile i'd been reading a how-to article on dutch braids in general and figured out that a dutch braid is just a french braid done in the other direction, and a french braid is just a "normal" braid where you add bits of hair to the sides as you go, and nowhere in this process did i see the need for any of the junk the video was mentioning. So i just told Avalyn it wouldn't be a problem and we should just do this thing.

So on the one hand it really wasn't that hard to do. On the other hand there were quite a few stray hairs sticking out the back when i was done and as a result she looked a bit fuzzy. On the other other hand, she said i did a great job and excused the non-perfection on the basis that she was supposed to have been running around in the woods anyways :) (I also managed to create a... waterfall(?) type effect on the right side of her head because i took too long to gather in all the hair on that side. It was actually a pretty cool effect, but not at all like what Katniss had.)

So when we were done with that i got dressed and we headed off to the party. Me with my (effectively) real (if unsharpened) sword and shield, and her with her real bow and arrows. Which would be a pretty threatening combination, except that although she's had years of practice with the bow, i wouldn't know what to do with my sword other than try to whack people over the head with it :)

The party itself was pretty uneventful, except for the part where Avalyn and inkbot had to spend the first hour or so helping the host get her costume together because she'd left that part until the last minute :) (She was going as Rocket Raccoon.)

There were somewhere between one and two dozen people there. There was a couple who came as George R R Martin and Cersei, two guys who came as Mario and Luigi (sadly no fourth Nintendo character showed up to complete the Super Smash Bros match lineup =) a guy dressed as... tropical Hitler i think, a vampire or two, and a lot of more generic costumes that i'm not coming up with right now.

We spent a lot of time chatting with people and some time snacking on stuff (apparently Ralph's has some amazing cookies right now, which are labeled as "pumpkin" but that Avalyn and i both agreed tasted something like chocolate or espresso) and a little time taking pictures.

We probably would have left a little earlier than we did except around midnight, after having drizzled a bit earlier in the day, it suddenly started pouring. We definitely need the rain but it would have made the trip out to the car and back home a bit inconvenient, so we ended up leaving closer to one, once the rain had (mostly) stopped.
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