DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff: OK Go and Cosplay Videos

Given the number of hits its gotten so far i suspect most of the people who care have already seen it, but OK Go has a new amazing video out.

It's interesting that the "gimmick" in this one is not really the one i was expecting based on the beginning.

And now, in the spirit of Halloween, a pair of cosplay videos!

The modified lyrics for this one are a bit tortured, but this is still a cool cosplay/parody music video.

I'd probably appreciate it a bit more if i didn't actually like the original song quite a bit. (And part of the reason i like the original song as much as i do is because i was first exposed to it via an awesome AMV =)

This is not the best produced cosplay music video i've ever seen, but the costumes are still awesome, it's set to a great song, and it was filmed at the local Long Beach Comic Con.

It does make me a little sad though that we didn't make it out to this one. Maybe next year?

Also, in retrospect i _thought_ i had posted the Civilization: Beyond Earth intro cinematic to both LJ and G+, but it looks like i only did G+, so here it is now:

The video, although definitely nowhere near as depressing as Alpha Centauri's video, is at least well done and a little intriguing. Sadly the comments both here and in G+ seem to indicate that the game itself is sub-par.
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