DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Trouble in Repairadise

On friday i got the package with my new 2.5" SSD and the bracket for mounting it in a 3.5" bay. So i planned to spend friday evening fixing my computer up. However i ran into a number of issues.

1: The computer case has sliding brackets, which i guess are relatively easy to get in and out. However it turns out they're not as secure as one might like. At some point the brackets for two of the three drives got dislodged and wedged at an angle. I'm kind of suprised that hasn't cause issues before now.

2: I have no idea which of the three drives is the C drive. That's not a huge deal since i can figure it out via experimentation, but it is an annoying hassle. However it does mean i'm not clear on how to designate the SSD as the new C drive. Presumably there's a jumper setting somewhere or something.

3: There do not seem so be any spare screws for attaching drives to the brackets. I could salvage the ones from the C drive... if i knew which one that is. However i'm not sure i want the experimental process of figuring that out having to involve unscrewing and rescrewing a bunch of screws.

4: Although there are four physical drive bays only three of them are currently in use. There's a single cable with three equally spaced plugs attached to it which are plugged into the three drives. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a fourth plug. The people who put the computer together did bundle up all the loose cables. If i were to undo the bundle it is possible i might find a second cable, or an unequally spaced fourth plug on the original cable, but i'm a bit worried about having to manage the explosion of cables that would occur if i do that. Of course since (for the moment) i'm just swapping out one drive for another i don't need the fourth plug since i can just swap out the C drive for the SSD. But that again takes us back to #2.

5: The conversion bracket did not come with any screws. When i opened the SSD box i discovered that it also didn't have any screws.

6: Even if i had the screws i'm not sure how i'd attach the SSD to the conversion bracket, because the box also didn't include any instructions. There are four screws on one side of the drive that seem to be holding it together. There are four matching holes on the other side but i can't tell if they're threaded or not or if they're really intended to have screws inserted from both directions. (That sounds... not right.)

7: I'm sure i can muddle through all this if i can just get the screws i need, but i'm not entirely sure which size screws i need or where to get them. I've checked online manuals both for the case and the drive and neither seems to specify screw type or size. Normally if i wanted to buy some screws i'd think "hardware store", but that doesn't really seem appropriate for PC parts and there isn't one near us. I'm thinking the first thing i'll try is the Staples which is within walking distance. I'll detach one of the screws from the other hard drive brackets and bring along the SSD drive and conversion bracket and see if they can help me identify and then supply the screws i need.

So as soon as i get some spare time (the last couple days have been pretty hectic) i'll give that a shot.
Tags: computers

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