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24 October 2014 @ 01:09 pm
Kingdom Hearts  
Last weekend, suffering from video game withdrawal due to the broken PC, i booted up the PS3 and finally got around to starting a game of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.

Actually i tried getting Avalyn to play it, which she was fine with until it got to the combat. At which point she had too much difficulty with the controls and passed it over to me.

However it should be noted that during one of the opening scenes, i tried to clarify something that she'd missed, and we had this exchange.

Me: "He's wondering if it's a dream or not."
Avalyn: "'He'? I thought that was a girl!"
Me: "No, that's a guy. Welcome to Japanese RPGs!"

But anyways, i decided to restart so i could choose something other than the "Easy" difficulty setting i'd started her game on. I debated going with the "hardcore" mode, but eventually settled on the "regular" mode. I was also torn between choosing Staff or Shield to take. I eventually decided i'd rather have the extra MP than the extra two item slots and went with Staff. (Giving up the Sword of course.) I then decided to leave during the night, because i'm also tempted to 100% these games. However i start far more of them thinking i might 100% then i ever actually do accomplish :)

I then spent a fair bit of time on Destiny Islands training against Tidus, Wakka and Selphie until i could beat Riku in the duel (ended up at level 7 i think) and more time practicing the race so i could beat him the first time at that. I then went and redid the race a number of times to get more Pretty Stones. I think the final score ended up 10-2.

I think i managed to screw up my traversal of Traverse Town because i didn't see as many cutscenes with Goofy and Donald as the FAQ i checked later seemed to indicate i should have. I think the issue was that i accidentally entered the second district before i'd finished exploring the first. So i said "oops" and tried to turn around immediately, which triggered the fight with Squall, while the game was expecting me to spend time exploring second district first.

In any case i got through the boss fight and got Donald and Goofy added to my party before we decided to take a break.

So far i've been too busy this week to continue, what with watching Gotham and Sleepy Hollow on monday, going to TLT and watching Dracula Untold on tuesday, trivia on wednesay, and a little B5 and catching up on sleep last night.

I'd say that hopefully we'll have time to play some more this weekend, except that most of saturday will be taken up with going to Disneyland. Which as far as things to do instead of Kingdom Hearts go seems entirely appropriate :)
Kirinkirinn on October 25th, 2014 07:28 pm (UTC)
Huh, I didn't realize there were so many optional scenes at the beginning of KH. I like the series well enough and will probably pick up III when it exists one of these years, but given my backlogs I doubt I'll ever get around to the HD remixes. Honestly if I *were* going to play HD remakes, I'd probably get Ico/SotC and possibly Zone of Enders first.