DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

TLT Food (aka the Lime Truck Restaurant)

Avalyn had some iPic ticket vouchers she needed to use up, so we decided to go see Dracula Untold with inkbot tuesday night, and since it's in the same Westwood area we also decided to go by the non-mobile Lime Truck location, "TLT Food." (

It's been over 10 months at this point since i've made it to the Lime Truck, so i'm not really up to date with what it's doing. On top of not living in OC anymore it also seems that the truck has mostly switched to private catering, with only the occasional public appearance.

But anyways, the restaurant has a larger selection of options than the truck itself, not too surprising. I got the carnitas fries and a sweet and sour taco and the corn on the cob. Avalyn got some potato tacos and the kale salad. inkbot got the tofu nachos, which they were able to make vegan. I was a little sad that they didn't seem to have the "blistered boc choy" that the truck had been service consistently for months the last time i was there. I did ask if they ever did the cuban sandwiches that the truck used to server 3-4 years ago but the people at the restaurant had never heard of them.

Another advantage of an actual restaurant is that they serve booze there. I wasn't really interested in any of the beer or wine they had, but i decided to have a "loaded limeade", which is just their regular limeade with tequila added.

All in all the food was quite good, but the carnitas fries didn't taste quite the same as when you get them from the truck. I'm not sure if they prepare them a little differently or if it was just an off day or what. If/when we make it back i'll ask them about it.

Although the next time we go it may be early in the day on a weekend so we can try their brunch menu, which looked kind of interesting.
Tags: food, food trucks

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