DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Book of Life

We went to see The Book of Life this morning. We hoped if we went to an 11:35 AM showing the theatre wouldn't be full of screaming kids. We were half right. The theatre was only half full of people with kids. To be fair though all the kids in our theatre were pretty well behaved.

So overall the movie was excellent. The story was sweet and the art was amazing and beautiful (needless to say it became doubly so after going to the land(s) of the dead.)

The story is about two guys competing for the affections of a girl, but despite that they did a pretty good job of including some pro-feminism messages, with a soupcon of anti-cruelty to animals for good measure.

There were a number of musical bits, but this movie has the best excuse for such things that I can recall since Megamind came out. However it's a little sad that almost all the music was just recycled pop music, with some slight modifications to the tunes to make them seem a little more Spanish/Mexican.

Avalyn suggested that if they'd just hired Danny Elfman or someone like him to do all original music then they could have had another Nightmare Before Christmas.

So great movie, but pop music might cause it to fall a little short of becoming a classic. I guess we'll see.

Edit: I forgot to add that I'm also very happy that one of the characters that could easily have been a bad guy in a more lazily told story was actually just a good guy with conflicting goals.
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